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August 26, 2021

Robert Douglas Appears on The Economic War Room

In a never-ending quest to defend the business world from cyberattacks, Robert Douglas appeared on the Economic War Room show to talk about the "Cyber War."

PlanetMagpie President Talks Cybersecurity, Hacking, and Global Online Conflict on the "Economic War Room" Show

We've said for years that the world's nations have begun a "Cyber War."  Battles for data, disruption, intellectual property, and technological dominance. 

It's not coming. It's here...and it's already hurting millions of individuals and businesses.

PlanetMagpie's President and CEO, Robert Douglas, sat down for an interview on the "Economic War Room" to sound the alarm once more.  He talked about: 

  • The reality of the "Cyber War" the U.S. faces
  • The 7 Attack Vectors cybercriminals target in every company network
  • What the future holds for the Internet
  • How you can protect yourself at home & at work

"The Economic War Room" is a financial news show that provides market insights on the challenges America and Wall Street (in that order) face today. It's hosted by Kevin Freeman, one of the world’s leading experts on Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism, and features experts in every aspect of finance, including the technology that supports our financial ecosystem.

Watch the interview on XOTV here: