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Welcome to the PlanetMagpie Content Library! This page contains downloadable datasheets, white papers, and case studies. All to help you identify and integrate the IT services your business needs to thrive.

DATASHEETS: Each details a specific IT service, and how it improves your operations.

White Papers: Reference material on solutions that can make a big difference in your business, and our economy.

Case Studies: Stories of businesses like yours who implemented PlanetMagpie solutions, and gained efficiency/cost improvements/market share.

Everything's free to download. Just click the links below. Feel free to contact us when you find a solution that fits!

White Papers for IT Support, Consulting, and Strategy 2020

PlanetMagpie White Papers

7 Ways You Can Save on Your IT Costs Right Now

What kind of IT consulting company wants their customers to spend less on their IT? PlanetMagpie does! Here's a free guide with 7 ways you can save on your IT costs, without losing any of the critical IT services you currently enjoy.

Download "7 Ways You Can Save on Your IT Costs Right Now" Guide (PDF)


Call to America: Let's Bring Tech Manufacturing Back to the U.S.

The American economy needs "big goals" - targets to shoot for, like the Moon Landing was. Such a goal is right in front of us now: bringing technology manufacturing back to the U.S. from overseas. This report proves that it's the right time & place for such a goal.

Download "Let's Bring Tech Manufacturing Back to the U.S." Call to Reshore (PDF)

The Case for the Virtual CIO

What if you could "rent" a Chief Information Officer for less than half the cost of "owning" one? You'd gain expert insight into IT strategy, find cost-effective IT solutions you wouldn't otherwise, and your business still saves money.

Download "The Case for the Virtual CIO" White Paper (PDF)


The Argument for Reshoring American IT

Offshoring—sending IT and manufacturing work overseas—is a risk to the U.S. economy, national security, and future workforce.  We collected the research (28 sources!) to show the dangers offshoring poses to IT. Originally published in 2012.

Download "The Argument for Reshoring American IT" PDF


PlanetMagpie Case Studies

Keeping Strawberries Safe: PlanetMagpie Builds Event Management Application to Track Strawberry Grower Safety Training

Developed according to the Commission's precise standards, PlanetMagpie's team expanded Sitefinity modules into a full-featured event management platform.

Download Case Study PDF


Building a More Capable, More SEO-Friendly Using Sitefinity CMS

We rebuilt, from the ground up, using Sitefinity 3.7 (the latest version at the time).  Both as a test care for the CMS' capabilities, and to resolve the complexities we had in the old site.

Download Case Study PDF

How PleoWorld's Ecommerce Runs Itself:  Robotic Dinosaur Manufacturer Automates Sales & Shipping with Miva Merchant and Webgistix

PlanetMagpie custom-built a fully automated ecommerce solution using Sitefinity CMS, MIVA Merchant ecommerce software, Webgistix order fulfillment services, and custom Web programming from our Web developers to tie it all together.

Download Case Study PDF