7 Reasons to Choose PlanetMagpie

7 Reasons Why PlanetMagpie is the Best MSP!

For over 25 years, PlanetMagpie has helped American businesses, just like yours, Unleash the Power of Their IT.

We know you have many Managed Service Providers to choose from, so below are 7 reasons PlanetMagpie is the BEST choice for you!

Our Business Standard

A live, local PlanetMagpie team member answers your phone calls.   

It's practically unheard of these days, but we refuse to remove the human element from this all-important point of communication with our customers!

Industries We Serve

You aren’t thrown into a pool of wild techs who have no idea how cool you are!  

Instead, you get a dedicated team of technicians assigned to your company.  They learn your environment, they know your people, they come on-site when needed, and they can handle any issue. 


Faster than a speeding Schnauzer! 

15-minute (or sooner) response on support tickets, with offices in all U.S. time zones and 24/7 support! 

Reason #4

Our exclusive Datacenter.

If you host with us, your data stays truly private on secure, state-of-the-art servers, protected by enterprise-grade network equipment, with 24-hour local support.