Emergency/After-Hours IT Support

If you have a technical emergency, please call our Support Line at 510.344.1203 (California) or 817.806.3523 (Texas).
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  PlanetMagpie can help!

Common emergency support requests we get (and are prepared for):

  • Email is Down
  • Internet is Out
  • Computer Crashed
  • Drive Failure

  • Intrusion Detected
  • Application Failure
  • Server is Down
  • Malware Infection
  • Ransomware Attack

"Houston, we have a problem!"

Unfortunately, IT problems don’t stop at 5 p.m.  If your mission-critical applications are in trouble or your laptop just bluescreened before you finished Monday’s presentation, you need support now!  Call our Support Line.  (It’s regularly monitored.)

PlanetMagpie’s existing customers receive Emergency Support under their standard contract terms.  New customers will be required to sign our standard Master Consulting Agreement and provide a project deposit based on an estimate provided by one of our Senior Support Engineers.  After-hours rates will apply outside of 8 a.m.—5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  

No one can afford to have servers or network services go down.  We’ll determine the source of the problem and present options to avoid it in the future.

If you’ve had an IT emergency in the past and still don’t know what caused it, please Contact Us for a consultation.  If the issue wasn’t 100% fixed, it may trigger another crash.

Remember—If your email crashes, your server melts down, your network blows, or your laptop takes a dive, PlanetMagpie can help.  Call 510.344.1203 (Bay Area CA) or 817.806.3523 (Dallas TX).