File Sharing

Looking for a secure file-sharing option?  Try one of PlanetMagpie’s two choices:  x360Sync/Anchor or SharePoint.  Using either solution, your business can store its files securely on our servers, share files privately among colleagues & customers, and use the backups function to protect critical data.

"But we have Dropbox. Why would we need this?"

Security is paramount when it comes to file sharing.  If the platform you use isn’t built secure from the ground up, count on hackers constantly trying to steal your files.  And succeeding. . .but you won’t know that until it’s too late.

Public cloud storage platforms like Dropbox are not built secure.  Their privacy is also questionable, given the NSA’s data-collection behavior.

Private file sharing means you know exactly where your data is physically hosted, who sees it, and how it's protected.

How you manage your shared files determines which option is best for you.  Here’s more information about x360Sync and SharePoint to help you decide.

The Files You Should Never Store in the Cloud


Anchor / x360Sync

Anchor/x360Sync acts much like Dropbox or  You place files you want to share in a special folder on your computer.  Anchor syncs those files to its server, and to other users with whom you’ve shared files.

x360Sync has several advantages over Dropbox though:  It’s built secure from the ground up.  It employs 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption.  It has a backup service built-in; back up everything from a single folder to your entire hard drive.  Usage is very similar to Dropbox or Box.  You can even access your x360Sync storage from your desktop, tablet, or phone.

PlanetMagpie operates x360Sync as a private cloud service within our Silicon Valley datacenter.  We built a custom server and configured it with extra security.  When you use x360Sync with PlanetMagpie, you know exactly where your files are, and you know they are as safe as can be.

Only your staff and the colleagues with whom you share files see those files. That's all. (Even we can’t access the encryption!)  PlanetMagpie is also an Axcient Partner, which gives us access to top-level Axcient Support for troubleshooting.

PlanetMagpie offers 3 tiers of File-Sharing service* to meet your needs:

(*Plus one-time setup fees)

  1. Workstation Backup Only—$15/month per user
  2. Fileshare Only—$25/month per user
  3. Fileshare with Workstation Backup—$35/month per user

Minimum 8 users.  No maximum user limit.  All customers receive 750GB of cloud storage.

View our Private Cloud Fileshare Datasheet for full details.

Ready for secure file sharing with Anchor?  Call PlanetMagpie at 510-344-1180 (CA) or 817-806-3524 (TX) to request an Anchor/x360Sync demo.



Do you need more file management capability than just sharing?  You will want to explore the enterprise-ready capabilities of the Microsoft SharePoint platform then.

One of SharePoint’s central functions is secure document management.  But that’s not all—SharePoint is a fully customizable platform.  It can give you many more advantages as a team and project management solution.

For those who want file sharing, plus collaboration capabilities, SharePoint offers the platform to do everything.  SharePoint also plugs into other Microsoft apps (Exchange, Skype for Business, Office) so you can work with data anywhere, anytime.

Build the sharing platform your teams need, with PlanetMagpie’s SharePoint experts. 

Our SharePoint experts know how to build everything from a secure fileshare to a custom-built SharePoint portal.  Visit our SharePoint Development page for details on our development capabilities.

Start on your SharePoint file sharing platform.  Request a quote from PlanetMagpie using the Contact Us form on the right.

Advantages of Using SharePoint for File Sharing

  • Platform for task-focused Sites—devote one Site to document storage & sharing.  Another Site for a team's project collaboration, and so on.
  • All PlanetMagpie SharePoint servers employ enterprise-grade security.
  • Share more than documents—calendars, social updates via Yammer, content for internal or public-facing websites, etc.
  • Built-in version control at the library level.  Choose how many versions you want to keep.  A useful control for meeting Sarbanes-Oxley requirements for financial data.
  • Create workflows for approvals of tasks like requesting computers, etc., and automatically produce supporting documentation for asset tracking and flows that populate your ERP system.