IT Office Moves

Let PlanetMagpie Move Your IT to Your New Office, Safely

Moving offices is more than hauling desks from place to place.

New offices need network cabling for their servers. They need Internet access site-wide (with no "dead spot” in the break room). The servers and each office workstation needs cybersecurity protections.

When you consider any sort of office move, call in PlanetMagpie to help cover your move from an IT perspective. Relocating your IT, and your team, becomes easy with our team alongside yours.

How do you conduct an office move with all of these IT protections?

You follow a thorough checklist, like this one:

Office IT Move Checklist

Everything PlanetMagpie addresses in an IT office move, you'll find here. It's an easy reference for moving IT hardware and avoiding downtime.


We Catch What You Might Miss

Moving your team to a new location. Downsizing an existing office. Adding a new office. Enabling remote work for team members now off-site.

In all of these situations, you have to watch out for one thing: "What did I miss?"

Even before you sign a new lease or buy a property, call PlanetMagpie. The sooner we’re brought in, the better off you’ll be. Does the new location have regular power outages? Is fiber internet available? We’ll help you find out.

Then include PlanetMagpie in the office move planning.

With PlanetMagpie on board, you can rest easy. We’ve moved many offices over the years and we know where the land mines are.


Network Cabling

Not all offices come with network wiring already done. Even if your new office does, will the cabling sustain your company's network activity & growth plans?

Make sure it will, by having PlanetMagpie's Support Team run network cabling in your offices. We take care of it from start to finish:

  • Run current-capacity network cable through all offices & conference rooms
  • Ethernet cable outlets installed in all offices
  • Consistent network access everywhere you need it
  • Wire conference systems for Teams and Zoom
  • Mount big screen monitors
  • Work areas left clean

Internet Turn-Ups

If you've outgrown your office, chances are you outgrew your Internet contract, too. Let PlanetMagpie help you establish fast, easily-accessed Internet at the new office.

  • Establish a new Internet contract for you, or transfer the existing one
  • Take care of your Internet circuit turn-up
  • Install Wi-Fi access points throughout office and common areas
  • Wi-Fi signal testing included
  • Keep in mind – allow 60 days minimum for Fiber installations

Network Security

Every office needs cybersecurity protection in place. Protect your new office at the foundation—its internal network.

  • Install network security hardware and software
  • Test endpoints (devices, Wi-Fi) for secure access
  • Vulnerability testing available for existing networks (recommended twice a year)

Security is critical, whether it’s your data, or your physical office. For your office, check our Video Surveillance services below.

IT Hardware Moves

Laptops & phones are easily portable. Desktops, servers, desk/meeting room monitors, and networking hardware are not. How do you move those safely when your company relocates to a new office? Experience.

  • Secure packing & transport
  • Breakdown from the old office, installation at the new office
  • Special considerations for servers & network equipment (racks, cabling, routers) with backups made prior to hardware moves
  • eWaste disposal (with hard drives destroyed)

Refer to these 10 safe IT relocation practices.


Remote Work Internet & Security

Whether your team works from the office, home, a coffee shop, or on the move, they'll need to keep working with their teams.

Enable everyone's "anywhere access" with built-in solutions:

  • Secure remote access via VPN
  • Email security
  • Communications platforms such as Teams and Zoom
  • File storage & secure sharing to protect company data

Video Surveillance

Networked video cameras operate like a 24/7/365 security guard, that you can monitor from your phone. From installing cameras to training on their operation, PlanetMagpie takes care of implementing video surveillance at your facilities.

  • Installations of base stations & cameras
  • Tie-in to office network
  • Configuration of alerts
  • Data backup to store footage