Hardware and Software Procurement

When it comes to procuring new IT hardware & software, cost is just one factor.  Which brands have the best track record?  Best warranty support?  What configuration do I need?  What business objectives must we support?   Should we buy licenses outright or through subscription?  Should we buy or lease?  Is my software supported on this hardware?

Where is the hardware made? How secure is it?

PlanetMagpie reduces your time investment in procurement to (1) providing details on your needs, and (2) reviewing a quote. Everything else, we take care of for you.

Calling PlanetMagpie for procurement gets you IT experts figuring out exactly:

  1. What you need now
  2. How best to accommodate your future growth
  3. Which brand to recommend (based on many years working with all kinds of hardware and software)
  4. What’s the most secure and reliable and has the best ROI over time

Procurement Experts on Your Side

Not sure which hardware brands to choose? Don't have hours to research which laptops have the best security, which network components work with everything?

Don't worry about it. All you have to do is call us.

PlanetMagpie has provided IT procurement services since our first day in business.  We have relationships with all the major IT suppliers and have partnerships and certified engineers for all the top brands.

Our Technical Support Team regularly meets with hardware and software company reps to learn about new products and how to configure their products to meet customer requirements.

For security, value, and reliability, we source IT hardware products made in the USA whenever possible.

Looking for software support too? We have been a certified Microsoft reseller since 2005 and know all the ins and outs of their licensing systems.

Despite an ever changing IT landscape, PlanetMagpie has the procurement process down to a science.


Hardware Procurement

Scaling up?  Need more servers and/or workstations to match your growth?  Or maybe your servers are reaching end of life & you’re interested in the cloud?

Either way, work with PlanetMagpie for hardware procurement.  We’ll help you weigh an on-premise replacement vs. moving to the cloud.  Then locate the most cost-effective solution.

For on-premise hardware, we can get you bulk pricing, thanks to our long-standing partnerships with vendors.  No vendor lock-in here either.  We have experience with multiple brands for servers, desktops, laptops, network equipment, phones, and even printers.

For the cloud, we have two choices:  a PlanetMagpie Private Cloud, or procurement of cloud-based “hardware” services on public clouds like Microsoft Azure.

In both cases, all solutions are pre-qualified for security.

Advantages of using PlanetMagpie for Hardware Procurement:

  • Certified Engineers will spec the correct gear and our Technical Support Team will make sure it arrives when you need it
  • Business-friendly invoicing with serial numbers, system details, and end-user names
  • Customers who source all their hardware/software with us get fixed asset tagging and license management services for free
  • Interested in leasing?  We'll introduce you to equipment leasing companies, and bill them directly
  • We take delivery, pre-configure your systems, and deliver them ready for use

Call us at 510-344-1180 (CA) or 817-806-3524 (TX) for your next hardware quote.  Find out why so many companies count on PlanetMagpie for helping them acquire their IT assets!


Software Procurement

Software has a lifespan.  Eventually you'll need a new version, or a new license.  Microsoft's core business software like Windows Server, Exchange, and Skype for Business, all need up-to-date licenses to stay valid and secure.

Take the pain out of purchasing and managing your software licenses by having PlanetMagpie procure them for you.  Our Technical Support Team specs software for our customers every day of the week.

Licenses up for renewal, but you're not sure how many you'll need going forward?  Don't worry!  We'll handle the renewal and verify you have enough licenses to stay compliant.

Let us help you with your next Microsoft licensing purchase!  Just use the Contact Us form at the right to request more information.

Have a Microsoft-certified reseller source the right license for your software every time.

  • The PlanetMagpie team is Microsoft-certified to sell and support Microsoft software.
  • We're also certified resellers of Adobe, F5, Malwarebytes, Bamboo, and Infoblox.
  • We manage your Microsoft license account to ensure that all of your licenses are stored in one easy-to-reach location.

IT Equipment: Buy or Lease?

Many of our customers buy their IT hardware and software outright.  No lease terms to deal with; they pay the costs upfront, have the hardware installed, and get to work.

However, in some cases leasing makes more sense.  In particular, businesses in growth stage may want to consider leasing.  Let’s compare the Pros & Cons, so you can see which would work better for you.

Pros of Buying:

  • Total Control over Your IT Hardware
  • Long-Term Investment
  • One-Time Payment, No Monthly Bill
  • Potential Tax Write-off (under Section 179)

Pros of Leasing:

  • Match Cost to Revenues
  • Preserve Cash
  • Easier to Stay Current
  • Taxes & Insurance Handled
  • Incorporate software AND project labor into a lease!

Cons of Buying:

  • Up-Front Cost
  • Pay-as-you-go Maintenance
  • Refreshing (buying and deploying new hardware every 3-5 years)

Cons of Leasing:

  • Long-Term Commitment
  • Maintenance: Who's Responsible, You, or the Lease Supplier?
  • Software Cost over Time

Read our WOOF! article on Buying v. Leasing for more information.

Hardware/Software Leasing: When Does It Make Sense?

One call and you can get the IT hardware/software you need.  Call PlanetMagpie at 510-344-1180 (CA) or 817-806-3524 (TX) to start the procurement process.