Website Hosting

100% Business Hosting, Enterprise-Level Reliability

Everyone has the same question when it comes to web hosting. Is it reliable?

Ours is!  PlanetMagpie has offered web hosting since 1998 and we know what it takes to give you 99.99% uptime.  All websites are hosted on high-performance IBM servers in California and Texas. Redundant high-speed pipelines for bandwidth.  Redundant power.  Daily backups.  Enterprise-grade network security.  Microsoft-certified engineers monitoring servers 24 hours a day, every day.

What about support?  Your website is your company’s lifeline, and you need to know support is there when you need it.  

With PlanetMagpie you have 24/7 live, local support.   No endless phone trees or email-only ticketing.  A real live person helping you with your issue.  Imagine!

PlanetMagpie also hosts file sharing, cloud backups, private cloud servers (for Exchange Server, applications, databases), and Skype for Business voiceover IP.  You can host anything you need—even your entire IT infrastructure—right alongside your website with PlanetMagpie.


The Silicon Valley’s and the Silicon Prairie’s Best Business-Class Web Host

This is how PlanetMagpie defines "reliable."

  • Private datacenters located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Top-of-the-line IBM servers
  • Network hardware by Juniper and Extreme
  • Redundant, high-speed bandwidth
  • Redundant power
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Self-Managed and Managed Service options
  • Nightly backups to disk
  • Hosting on the latest Microsoft server platforms, with all security updates
  • 24/7 live, local phone support
  • The kind of personal customer service only a small business can provide. 

Ready to host?  These are the types of websites you can run in our datacenter.


Sitefinity CMS Hosting

Sitefinity CMS stands as one of the most capable, customization-friendly content management systems on the market.  Major enterprises use it to run million-dollar websites.  Mid-market businesses customize it as they grow.  Small businesses set themselves up for success by starting out on Sitefinity.

Does your website run on Sitefinity CMS?  Host it right here in Silicon Valley—and take advantage of Sitefinity-certified developers at the same time!

PlanetMagpie is Silicon Valley’s Sitefinity Elite Partner.  Our datacenters run more Sitefinity-based websites than any other CMS.  Because our Web Development division develops websites on the Sitefinty CMS platform, we know better than any host what it takes to make them run fast and reliably. 

When Progress Software (makers of Sitefinity CMS) releases a new version of the CMS software, we offer Sitefinity upgrades to our hosting customers.  That way your website’s backend stays up-to-date and stable.

We’re a unique Sitefinity host this way—not only do we host it, we develop on it!

Hosting Sitefinity CMS websites with PlanetMagpie gives you two advantages:

  1. Sitefinity Developers & Digital Marketers on staff.  You have access to our team of in-house Sitefinity-certified developers, digital marketers, and web designers.  We can take care of Sitefinity version updates, adding on new capabilities, and reworking your website when it’s time for a change.
  2. Managed Hosting Services.  High availability sites run on our Private Virtual Servers. Regular monitoring and maintenance will keep your website operating at peak performance.  Let PlanetMagpie take care of everything with our Managed Hosting Services.  Includes:
    • Monthly database maintenance, security patches, and monitoring.
    • Scheduled maintenance that will take your site temporarily offline will be coordinated with you well beforehand.

Ready to host your Sitefinity-based website with PlanetMagpie?  Use the Contact Us form on the right to request a hosting quote.


Miva Ecommerce Hosting

Miva has been an industry standard in ecommerce software since 1997.  Both B2C and B2B businesses use it to build mobile-friendly stores and do $100 billion in sales!  (See our Ecommerce Development page for more about Miva’s capabilities.)

Businesses like Miva for its ease of use, customizable features, and its U.S. based support.  It’s easy to set up stores, add products, take care of orders, sell on Amazon or eBay, and even personalize each customer’s experience.

Our Miva hosting customers get a complete, locally-secure environment from which they can sell their products.  You also have access to our Web Development team, for customizing your store and helping with content updates.  You just focus on doing more business.

Extend Miva’s Reach with PlanetMagpie Hosting and Development

  • All standard website hosting features included (daily backups, multi-layered firewall, SSL certificates, reliable high-speed backbone connectivity, server-side antivirus/antimalware protection)
  • 24-hour live, local phone support
  • Web Developers available to customize your Miva environment
  • Digital Marketers available to help you market your products in Miva

Let PlanetMagpie help you build up your Miva store.  Contact us using the form on the right.   


HTML Website Hosting

Some of the highest-ranking websites are less than 10 pages. They're fast, economical websites that do their job and nothing but.  What do they use for development? HTML.

HTML is probably the most affordable website development you can do.  They’re simple and straightforward—coding in HTML takes less time than coding in an advanced programming language like ASP.NET.

HTML is also standardized. If a certain method isn't approved by the W3C (the international HTML standards body), it doesn't work.

When you want a simple HTML website focused on one purpose, PlanetMagpie is the place to go.  We’ll not only build the website using the latest HTML5 standards (native video, mobile-friendly), but we’ll host the site once it’s done.  You give the OK and it’s live within minutes.

HTML websites are no more difficult to secure than any other website, but you do have to have proper security in place.  Every HTML website hosted in PlanetMagpie’s datacenters gets the same protection as an enterprise-grade Sitefinity website.

Plus, PlanetMagpie’s Web Development team can take care of all content updates in-house!

Call us for any updates you need to your HTML sites, including:

  • New website content and images
  • New webpages / removal of old webpages
  • SEO and link updates
  • Online form development or troubleshooting
  • Adding new features (video and audio clips, email marketing captures, web analytics, etc.)

Call PlanetMagpie Web Development at 510-344-1180 to ask about an HTML website hosting and updates!