Video Surveillance

Protect Your Office with Network Video

Imagine a video surveillance system that you can control from your phone.  Someone suspicious walks up to your building at midnight on Sunday?  Not only will you get an alert, you can use your phone to zoom in on their face, scan 360-degrees around, & even hear what they’re saying.  With a self-adjusting, motion-sensitive focus, high-tech video surveillance is like having a 24/7/365 security guard on duty.

Which brand of video camera should you use for surveillance?  That’s easy—Axis.

One of the largest providers of network-attached security cameras in the world, Axis introduced the first network camera in 1996.  That camera transformed the industry from analog to digital, and kicked off rapid surveillance improvements ever since.  HD cameras, thermal imaging, even cameras protected against explosion (for hazardous job sites).  Axis is THE business-grade network camera solution to beat.

PlanetMagpie Installing Video Surveillance Cameras

From installing cameras to training end-users, PlanetMagpie will get you up and running on Axis surveillance systems.

PlanetMagpie is an Axis partner with years of installation experience.  PlanetMagpie has installed Axis network camera systems for customers needing actionable intelligence for customer footfall, theft deterrence, and delivery monitoring.  

Our engineers actually angle to get on the Axis install projects because the technology is so cool!

Advantages of Axis Video Cameras:

  • HD Cameras—Pick up detail from up to 4 miles away.  HD gives you the ability to see faces and license plates, details that can be invaluable to law enforcement.  Infrared lenses make any evening clear as day.
  • Universal Access—Surveillance can be done from your mobile device or laptop, from your office or from home.  Alerts can be sent anytime to the devices you choose.
  • Long-term Storage—Cloud technology gives you cost-saving storage, and virtual access to your video history.
  • Audio—Unlike traditional analog systems, our surveillance system gives you the ability to hear and communicate with anyone in range of the camera.  Offer assistance to an employee or a friendly warning to trespassers.
  • Video Analytics—Surveillance systems can measure customer footfalls to help determine staffing requirements, and provide sales intelligence.

Protect your business, your property, and your employees with Axis network cameras.  Call PlanetMagpie at 510-344-1180 (CA) or 817-806-3524 (TX) and request a demo!

Axis Video Surveillance