Email Filtering

In a world of increasingly sophisticated malware, email filters are necessary to protect your employees and your business. 

Most email systems, such as Office 365, incorporate a filter.  But users often complain about spam or phishing emails which make it through anyway.

A more comprehensive choice is Vircom’s modusGate.  All of your company’s incoming mail is filtered through modusGate first.  It looks for viruses, phishing scams, & even DoS attacks.  Only when it is determined safe is the email sent to your computer.

This enterprise-class protection not only saves you valuable time & resources, modusGate keeps your entire organization safe.  There’s a reason why modusGate is trusted by over 6 million Microsoft Exchange users worldwide.  It just works. 

PlanetMagpie recommends modusGate to its customers because of its long, successful track record using the product.  With PlanetMagpie and modusGate, the chances of malware making it into your company email are greatly reduced. 

Your mail is even spooled by modusGate up to 72 hours—if power goes out in your office, your email is preserved.

With modusGate acting as gatekeeper, you’re not only kept safe from dangerous email, but you get the mail you do need. 


Prevent Spam, Phishing Attempts and Denial of Service Attacks from Getting In

modusGate provides the best security and functionality in email filtering you’ll find.  Its system includes:

  • Daily Quarantine Reports show you what suspicious emails were caught and prevented from coming in (in case an email you expected got caught in the spam filter)
  • Blacklists block unfriendly contacts, and Whitelists admit trusted contacts without delay
  • Encrypt individual emails through Vircom's built-in partnership with PGP 
  • A multi-layered checking system, with Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV)
  • Monitors incoming and outgoing email
  • Foreign language support
  • Spam Loop prevention
  • Set & enforce clean email policies
  • directQuarantine Add-On provides a folder within Outlook to review quarantined items in real time ($1 per month additional)

Modus Wins the VBSpam Award for Antispam Strength [April 2016]

At a monthly cost of only $2 per email account, preventing malware is easier than ever.  Call PlanetMagpie at 510-344-1180 (CA) or 817-806-3524 (TX) today to talk about our most cost effective security booster—modusGate.