Email Security

Protect the Hackers’ Favorite Malware Route—Email

Email threats evolve constantly.  Ransomware can topple whole companies.  One phishing email can freeze your business network.  The never-ending onslaught of spam.  All coming for your money, your data, and your IP.

Most email systems, such as Office 365, already incorporate some sort of basic spam/malware filter, yet the spam still gets in, doesn't it?

Using one 'default' filter isn't enough anymore. You need a higher degree of security—a "castle wall" against the tide of spam, malware, and cyberattacks.  

PlanetMagpie recommends Vircom’s modusCloud Email Security.

modusCloud email security contains everything needed to protect your email and help your users operate securely:

  • Advanced Email Filtering
  • Email Continuity
    • Access to your email remains, even if a server fails
  • Advanced Threat Protection
    • URL Defense—stops URL redirects that try to fool spam filters
    • Attachment Defense—strips out malware-infected attachments
  • Real-Time Malicious File Detection & Removal
  • Email Encryption
    • Users can activate encryption with a simple tag or an Outlook plugin
  • Social Media Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
    • Stops accidental data leaks from insiders
  • Email Archiving
  • Preserves emails with an offsite secured archive; 10-year unlimited storage

modusCloud Email Filtering

modusCloud filters your users’ email—removing the possibility that a user will accidentally respond to malware attacks.

How? By standing between your email server and cybercriminals. Hackers don't expect an extra perimeter device watching every email, repelling their attempts to sneak into your inbox.

Jennifer in Sales never gets those ransomware emails...because they never got past the modusCloud filter.


Joe in Customer Service receives an email with an innocent-looking link. He clicks it, which would have triggered the malware infection the cybercriminal who sent it wanted…if modusCloud hadn't disabled the link's connection to the malware.

As long as modusCloud acts as your "castle wall," you’re kept safe from dangerous email. Your users won't even know anything's happening.

Download the modusCloud Datasheet


Never Lose Important Emails Anymore

modusCloud expands the very definition of "email security." It not only filters out spam & malware, blocking threats and protecting you from cyberattacks…it preserves your legitimate emails for your records.

  • Email Encryption – Secure your customers' data while it's out traveling through the Web. modusCloud encrypts all email data, either automatically or on a trigger (the user can 'activate' encryption with a simple tag or an Outlook plugin).
  • Email Archiving – Need to preserve emails for regulatory compliance? modusCloud has you covered, with an offsite secured archive with 10-year unlimited storage.
  • Email Continuity – The modusCloud device can step in as an emergency email server, if yours goes down (network crash, power outage). Your users won't even know there's an email issue. Every email still makes it to its destination.

What the modusCloud Email Security Package Does for Your Day-to-Day Operations

modusCloud provides the best security and functionality in email filtering & protection you'll find.  Its cloud-based system also includes:

  • Daily Quarantine Reports on the suspicious emails caught and held for review (in case an email you expected got caught in the spam filter)
  • Blacklists block unfriendly contacts, and Whitelists admit trusted contacts without delay
    • An Outlook plugin allows users to control their own whitelists & blacklists
  • A multi-layered heuristic filtering system that monitors incoming and outgoing email
  • Automatic updates to its spam filters, malware protections, and antivirus engines
  • Foreign language support

All with no hardware or software to buy.

There's a reason over 6 million Microsoft Exchange & Office 365 users worldwide trust modusCloud's email security—it works, and it works well.  Sorry hackers!

PlanetMagpie recommends modusCloud to its customers because of our long, successful track record using Vircom products.  We were one of their first customers! 

Protect your email from all threats with modusCloud. Call PlanetMagpie at 510-344-1180 (CA) or 817-806-3524 (TX) today.