Custom Website & Application Development

Custom Website & Application Development

You have an idea of how you want your website to look, right?  Clean layout, corporate color palette, powerful headlines, and a great customer experience on all devices.  Or maybe you have no idea at all!  Either way, our experts are here for you.

PlanetMagpie’s Award-Winning Digital Marketing team will bring your project to life!

Why work with us?  At PlanetMagpie, we start with custom designs as unique as you and your particular business needs.  Then we prepare content messaging specifically for your target audience, to draw in leads.  Finally, custom backend development for the functionality you’ll need to engage customers.

You also gain these industry advantages:

  1. A dedicated development team taking care of your project.  Each team member has 10+ years’ expertise in their respective technologies.
  1. Over 18 years as a web design & digital marketing agency in Silicon Valley, building websites for companies across the U.S. in almost every industry vertical.
  2. More than 15 professional awards for website design, usability, content, and functionality
  3. Proven track record:  Customers have tripled their traffic numbers, exploded their ecommerce sales (from $30,000/month to $650,000/month), ranked above all competitors in search engines, etc.
  4. Web development, design, web hosting, and technical support from a single company. Our Digital Marketers work side-by-side with our leading IT consultants.
  5. Support for the home team.  Feel good knowing that your project is an investment in the U.S. IT workforce.

Go from “Concept” to “Professional Lead-Generating Website” with PlanetMagpie's Web Development

Start building your one-of-a-kind site with these options:

  • Custom Web Design for the branding your customers will expect.
  • WordPress Website Development for nimble, easy-to-manage websites.
  • Sitefinity CMS Web Development for the capabilities to serve larger customer needs, support Marketing/Sales, and grow into your CMS instead of outgrowing it.
  • Application Development to engage customers with unique tools.
  • Ecommerce Development to make selling online easy (for you and for your customers).
  • SharePoint Development if you want to integrate your website with SharePoint, or build custom SharePoint sites for more internal efficiency.
  • Web/Application Hosting to host your finished website, fast and secure.

Choose the development services you’ll need from the sections below.  Then call us at 510-344-1180 (CA) / 817-806-3524 (TX) / 704-998-2174 (NC) to get started!


Custom Web Design

Your website is most often the very first point of contact a customer has with your business.  It’s now your storefront, your brochure, your marketing’s anchor point and much more, all in one.

It needs to stand out. Communicate effectively.  Guide your customers into an informative and memorable experience.  The only way to guarantee such an experience is to build a completely custom website suited to your very specific business needs.

PlanetMagpie will bring your ideas into reality.  We show you a greater vision of what your website can do for your company.  Your website becomes a unique representation of your brand.  It assists your core marketing and sales objectives, it’s viewable on all devices, and it integrates seamlessly with platforms like social media and e-commerce.

No matter the device (PC or mobile), PlanetMagpie custom websites convey to your clientele that your company is professional and successful.  We’ve built custom websites since 2006—each one helping our customers grow their audiences, introduce new products/services, and close more sales.

Visit our Portfolio to see how PlanetMagpie has transformed the online presence of our many professional and successful customers.

Time for your website to get a new look?  Request a Web Design Quote using the Contact Us form on the right.

A website goes far beyond an eye-catching home page.  When done by PlanetMagpie's award-winning Web consultants, your custom design includes:

  • Branding/Identity—Logos, typography, color scheme, etc.  Represent the personality of your company in a way visitors will remember and your competitors will envy.  See examples on our Identity Design & Branding page.
  • Navigation—A custom user interface takes into account your firm’s unique information architecture, page count, user traffic patterns, and plans for future site growth.
  • Usability—Visitors accomplishing their goals easily and intuitively, with strategic use of visual cues that make even large amounts of information easy to find.
  • Layout—Each webpage is built for your specific communication goals and messaging hierarchy to ensure you key points are conveyed efficiently.
  • Graphics—Photography, illustrations, information graphics, interface styling, etc.  For many visitors, images are the first thing they notice.  Professional graphics can get a visitor’s attention, communicate ideas, and even tell stories.
  • Responsive Design—How a website renders on phones & tablets is imperative to an increasingly mobile society.

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS. It's fast, low cost, and easy to update, and that makes it a great option for running small business websites.

Creating a WordPress-based website with PlanetMagpie gives you something you won’t find elsewhere—complete design customization. Why is this important? WordPress design templates often look pre-designed when you populate them with your content and images. Design templates are created for general use—not you. With PlanetMagpie’s stellar design team, we can make your WordPress site look like a custom-designed website, for far less!

PlanetMagpie understands that WordPress' popularity makes it a favorite hacker target. Locking down your WordPress website right at the start prevents it from showing up on hackers' radar and regular maintenance keeps it that way. We host our customers' WordPress websites on InMotion Hosting. InMotion offers a high-security WordPress hosting package. They are consistently rated one of the best places on the Web to host a WordPress website

Advantages of PlanetMagpie Developing Your WordPress Website:


  • Design template customization to meet your specific branding and marketing goals
  • The same security profile as our top-tier Sitefinity CMS hosting customers
  • Team of web designers, WordPress developers, and digital marketing professionals all under one roof
  • Huge Plugin Library to quickly enhance your website's security and flexibility
  • Build your website the way you want it
  • Maintenance plans available

Looking to build a business website on WordPress?  Call PlanetMagpie at 510-344-1180 (CA) / 817-806-3524 (TX) / 704-998-2174 (NC) and let's get started!


Craft CMS Website Development

Need a website you can customize from the ground up, without a high price tag? You want Craft. This CMS combines the affordability of WordPress with the flexibility of Sitefinity, for websites that grow with you.

Craft takes a different approach than most Content Management Systems. It allows the developers (that's us) to 'assemble' every element you need in a website, wherever you want them. Like a digital Lego set. Content rows, photos, contact forms, navigation, plugins...all ready & waiting for assembly in Craft.

This approach also makes it easy to scale a website in Craft. Ready to start a blog? A few page changes and your blog is up. Time to accept online sales? Craft has an ecommerce add-on we can integrate in no time!

You might think these kinds of capabilities come at a heavy cost. Not so—Craft costs only $300 with a $59 annual support fee. It’s more powerful than WordPress. More affordable than Sitefinity. A happy medium between the two for growing businesses.

Advantages of PlanetMagpie Developing Your Craft Website:

  • Customize every level of website design to your branding and digital marketing goals
  • Works with hundreds of Web services (PayPal, email marketing, CRM, etc.)
  • Certified Craft developers on our team, alongside award-winning web designers and digital marketing professionals
  • Manage multiple websites from one Craft installation
  • Template & Plugin Library to enhance your website's capabilities without extra overhead
  • Website Maintenance plans available to keep your site up-to-date and secure

Interested in building your business website on Craft CMS?  Call PlanetMagpie at 510-344-1180 (CA) / 817-806-3524 (TX) / 704-998-2174 (NC) to get started!


Sitefinity CMS Website Development

Security, Usability, and Support are all valuable pillars of a successful website.  But don’t neglect Management.  Properly-managed websites are updated regularly, rank better in search engines, and are more influential on social media.  

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) makes the difference between difficult-to-update websites that break down and cost you visitors, and easy-to-update websites that engage customers & gain you traffic.  The choice is easy:  you want the most user-friendly CMS with the most features.  You want Sitefinity CMS

Sitefinity CMS’ benefits include:

  • No Design Restrictions—Completely customizable and can render your design to perfection on any device, in any web browser
  • Ease of Use—Edit webpages like you’re using Word
  • File Management—Manage all your files using libraries for downloads, images, video, and more
  • Permission Capabilities—Control who can edit, who can upload content, or even who can see your website
  • Marketing Tools—A full range of digital Marketing capabilities included out-of-box
  • Ecommerce Friendly—Works with some of the most popular ecommerce systems available
  • News & Events—Built-in blog, news, and event tools allow you to stay connected with customers
  • Speed and Safety—Built in Microsoft ASP.NET with a SQL database for fast loading times & the industry’s best security
  • Customizable—Developers can build custom modules to give you more personalized functionality

Not only is PlanetMagpie the only Sitefinity Elite partner in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re also one of the top Sitefinity Developers.  Eight of our ten WebAwards to date came from websites built in Sitefinity CMS.  

We can expand on Sitefinity’s already-impressive capabilities by creating custom modules & widgets.  PlanetMagpie has developed many modules & widgets to add new features to websites, including:

  • Find a Store/Office/Location (Geo-locator)
  • Image slideshows
  • Secure customer portals
  • Product selection filters
  • Event registration / customer registration to receive sales collateral

So that you can enjoy the full value of a Sitefinity website, PlanetMagpie provides Sitefinity admin training for our customers.  Page content updates and news/event updates are easily mastered.  PlanetMagpie builds our custom modules & widgets so that an admin can perform all the content updates they need to, on their own.

Sitefinity is a proprietary CMS.  PlanetMagpie recommends proprietary CMS like Sitefinity over open source platforms like WordPress because of the dedicated support, improved security, and regular product update schedule.  Because PlanetMagpie is a Sitefinity Elite Partner, we receive priority response times on our requests for support, and that’s a big benefit for our customers.


Interested in building your website in Sitefinity CMS?  Request a free demo with the Contact Us form on the right.


Application Development

Not every user notices a Web application.  But they’re critical to any functional website.  Each time a user makes a purchase online, logs into a members-only board, or even subscribes to a newsletter, they’re using a Web app. 

Applications mean a more engaging website, which means higher traffic for you.  How do you add Web apps to your site?  Find the right programmer to build & integrate them.

Well-versed in the latest development languages (ASP.NET, HTML5, JavaScript, etc.), our programmers create exceptional web apps per our customers’ needs.  PlanetMagpie has produced web applications for customers like PayPal, Chevron, McAfee, Infoblox, Tessera, Collaborative Economics, SCREEN-SPE USA, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Lake County Tribal Health Consortium, the California Strawberry Commission, and the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

When you choose PlanetMagpie, you not only get custom apps, you get support from a Microsoft Gold Partner. Through future upgrades, browser updates, and just about any app change, you and your application are supported. 

PlanetMagpie hosts many of the applications it builds, which gives us complete control over the server environment and faster troubleshooting.

Custom web apps can fulfill just about any functionality you need them to, including:

  • Custom Website Functionality
  • Automated Tasks
  • Event Registration
  • Customer Portals
  • Ecommerce/Online Store
  • Third-Party Integrations (social media networks, sales/marketing software such as Salesforce, Eloqua, etc.)
  • HIPAA-Compliant Forms

Turn more visitors into customers!  Call PlanetMagpie at 510-344-1180 (California) / 817-806-3524 (Texas) / 704-998-2174 (North Carolina) to build the custom web application your website is missing.


Ecommerce Development

More than 70% of consumers not only shop online, but they do so in a marketplace both global and highly competitive.  An online storefront is crucial for any business hoping to reach new markets and increase sales.  Online stores have become more and more sophisticated over the years.  The most successful stores have turned the shopping and checkout experience into an almost effortless event.  

PlanetMagpie’s Web Consulting team has a proven track record of propelling businesses into the global marketplace.  From creating consumer-friendly content to building you a fully-customized online storefront, PlanetMagpie helps you to set up shop online.  And when we’re done designing, we train you (and your team) on how to manage the online store, market your store, and fill those new orders.

Our developers are certified in 3 of the top ecommerce platforms:  Miva, BigCommerce, and Volusion.  All three solutions operate under SaaS models (software-as-a-service) and have U.S.-based support.

Each of the following ecommerce platforms are industry leaders.  They all offer something unique to users.  Which is why PlanetMagpie doesn’t have one favorite—we have three!

  • Miva—One of the longest-running ecommerce systems on the Web, Miva allows customers to set up online stores both for B2B and B2C businesses.  Miva software emphasizes mobile-friendly ecommerce.  Highly customizable and with many add-on third-party modules, this is a great platform for taking your small online store from “startup” to “established.”
  • BigCommerce—Gives you a comprehensive ecommerce solution from the store to analytics, and more.  It’s one of the easiest systems for “non-tech” people to manage.  Plus with its video tutorials, BigCommerce is like having a seasoned professional showing you the ropes.
  • VolusionHas muscle.  It bills its ecommerce solution as “all-in-one,” and our customers’ experiences bear that out.  Volusion provides a powerful backend packed with features like PayPal integration and inventory control.  It also integrates with eBay to reach a whole different group of buyers.

Ready to introduce your business to the global marketplace?  Call PlanetMagpie’s award-winning Web Consulting team at 510-344-1180 in California, 817-806-3524 in Texas, or 704-998-2174 in North Carolina and propel your growth skyward.


SharePoint Development

Microsoft SharePoint is an organization’s jack-of-all-trades.  It’s a software platform that can do almost anything you need in terms of work processes.  Businesses have used SharePoint for document management, collaboration, custom employee portals, automated workflows, and more.  With SharePoint you can give everyone the tools they need to effectively do their jobs, without management delays or communication snags.

PlanetMagpie allows you to take advantage of SharePoint’s full capabilities.  Our SharePoint experts know how to build everything from branded tools to fully custom-designed SharePoint portals.

PlanetMagpie’s SharePoint customers include Agilent Technologies, Assembly Biosciences, SCREEN-SPE USA, Archdiocese of San Francisco, Carl Zeiss Vision, Comentis, Diablo Precision, Inc., El Camino Hospital, Gatan, Inc., Headstrong, Jacobs Consultancy, Synopsys, and others.

A custom developed SharePoint environment can do almost anything you want it to:

  • Team Collaboration 
  • Automated workflows 
  • Personal/Team webpages 
  • Business Intelligence tools 
  • Integrate with Exchange, OneDrive, Office 365, or Skype for Business
  • Task tracking
  • Help desk ticketing system
  • File storage and management

Let PlanetMagpie build you a SharePoint portal that works the way you do.  Request a SharePoint quote using the Contact Us form on the right.


Web & Application Hosting

Now that PlanetMagpie has built you a great website, you’ll need to find someplace to host it. Well, PlanetMagpie provides hosting too!  PlanetMagpie’s Cloud Datacenter can host your website (CMS or HTML) or custom web application.  In fact, most of the websites in our design portfolio are hosted with us right now.

The benefits of hosting with PlanetMagpie are many, including:

  • We build your site on the production servers it will live on.  At launch we simply flip the DNS, for superfast propagation across the internet.  No added expense to move your new site to another hosting facility.
  • Faster turnaround and more personal service on maintenance and troubleshooting.  We have complete control of the hosting environment—no other vendors to try to reach.
  • You can talk to a live person when you need web updates or support.  No endless phone trees or email-only support ticketing.
  • Ultra-high security.  Let our team of virtual security guards keep your site as impenetrable as our own.

Join our list of securely hosted and immensely satisfied customers.  Visit our Web Hosting page for more details.