Managed IT Services

Reclaim Time by Outsourcing Your Most Critical Recurring IT Tasks

Successful businesses ensure that their IT is available 24/7 to customers, staff, and partners.  What’s the best way to do that?  Managed Services Plans.  Outsourcing your server, network, and workstation monitoring, and maintenance to an MSP that does this type of work every day—like PlanetMagpie.  

Our best-in-class monitoring software keeps an eye on every network element round the clock.  Any red flags or potential system failures, and our Managed Services Team is alerted to deploy a fix.  For companies with an internal IT department, we set up a hosted monitoring dashboard so they can keep an eye on their network too!


PlanetMagpie's Managed IT Services

With our Managed Service Plans, PlanetMagpie takes on the responsibility of maintaining any and all parts of your network. 

Our Managed Service plans are fully customizable and include a monthly onsite visit for firmware updates, server updates and reboots, and any hardware maintenance that needs to be performed onsite.  When we’re not onsite, our advanced network monitoring software gives us real-time updates on the status of your network and allows us to proactively handle issues before they become problems.

Our Managed Services Team is Microsoft-certified and includes Network Engineers, Systems Engineers, and Senior Support Engineers, so you know you’re getting the most experienced and credentialed experts working on your IT systems. 

No matter where you're located, you'll always have PlanetMagpie Engineers on hand for support. Our Managed Services Team operates from offices in Silicon Valley, Fort Worth, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Think of PlanetMagpie Managed Services like a cyber-sentinel standing guard!

What’s involved in a Managed Services Plan?

  • Server Monitoring, including all server elements (CPU, disk space, disk queue length, memory, patch status, connectivity, performance, and much more)
  • Network Equipment Monitoring—Monitor printer, router, switches, or any SNMP enabled device
  • Monthly Onsite Hardware Maintenance:  Installing Windows updates on servers, disk maintenance/cleanup, scheduled server reboots, firmware updates
  • Workstation and Mobile Device Monitoring with automated and scheduled patching and updates interval
  • Automated alerts sent to PlanetMagpie’s Managed Services Team in the event of any disruptions
  • Network Status Reports available at any time, so you know exactly what’s going on
  • Remote login services that won’t interrupt users
  • SSL Certificate monitoring (with special configuration), generating notices when your certificates are about to expire
  • Managed Service Plans are covered by a flat monthly fee, giving you a predictable IT spend and more reliability from your network
  • Push third party software for install to endpoints

Put a sentinel on guard over your network.  Call PlanetMagpie in California at 510-344-1180, and in Texas at 817-806-3524 and ask about Managed IT Services.

(P.S. - If you're not looking for a plan this extensive, try one of our IT Support Plans!)

N-able Super Elite Partner Logo

Top-of-Industry Network Monitoring Tools Used

A 24-Hour Eye on Everything Your Network Does

If you could put a guard dog inside your network...

One that watches for any signs of problems 24 hours a day...

Wouldn't you do it?

Of course!

In the IT world, we call such guard dogs "network monitoring tools." They're software platforms running outside your network (so nobody can hack them), monitoring everything inside the network.

Device status.

Security profiles.

Network connections going in and out.

Who brought donuts into the office today. (Maybe not that intense.)

PlanetMagpie is an N-able Super Elite Partner, and uses the N-central monitoring suite to guard and maintain our customers' networks. Their N-central platform provides us with MSP-grade tools to monitor, manage, update, and protect every customer device. No matter where they are.

Guarding Your Network:  What We Use for Customer Network Monitoring

The PlanetMagpie Support Team currently uses the N-able platform to:

  1. Remotely and securely monitor, access, and maintain customer networks & devices
  2. Manage customer cloud backups
  3. Integrate third-party security solutions for servers, network devices, and workstations

As a 20+-year-old MSP, we've used N-able products for so long, we've contributed to N-able's growth with process improvements from our own experiences!

Put a serious guard dog in your that knows what to watch for, and how to react fast if something breaks. Enlist PlanetMagpie as your MSP by contacting us with your IT need.