PlanetMagpie News

June 03, 2021

PlanetMagpie Reaches Super Elite Partner Status with N-able

Our latest partnership with N-able, makers of remote monitoring & management software, gives us a voice in how to improve the software's usefulness and security.

Most IT companies earn one or two partnerships with major hardware or software providers. PlanetMagpie isn't most IT companies though...we stack partnership after partnership, testing products all the time, gathering the very best solutions for customers' productivity and cybersecurity.

Which is why we're talking about our latest partnership today. Following the introduction of the Super Elite program by N-able, PlanetMagpie has been selected as one of approximately 200 MSP partners to earn the distinction.

N-able Super Elite Partner for Managed IT Services

N-able maintains a partner network of about 25,000 companies. If Super Elite partners make up less than 250 of those, then we're in the top 1% of partners.

To reach Super Elite status, MSPs must meet N-able's standard for efficient operation and customer satisfaction. Our customers measure that, so we owe thanks to our customers for helping us achieve this partnership.

It's not just a medal we can pin on though. With this partnership, PlanetMagpie gains several advantages we can pass on to our customers. Real, tangible benefits to improve customers' day-to-day experiences, like the following:

  • The ability to vote on new features for N-able products
  • Early knowledge of strategic directions for N-able products
  • Dedicated access to N-able's executive team for idea-swapping and feedback

Thousands of MSPs use N-able solutions as part of their Managed Services packages. The products help MSPs monitor and maintain customer networks and devices, provide secure cloud backups, customize security profiles, securely access customer networks and workstations,  deploy and maintain the very best third-party cybersecurity tools, and integrate MSP help desk ticketing for efficient resolution of customer help desk tickets.

As an MSP who's worked with N-able so long, contributing to its development, and even customizing its N-able environment, it's not surprising PlanetMagpie's team earned Super Elite status. Still, we thank the N-able team and our customers for helping us gain this latest partnership.