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May 18, 2021

PlanetMagpie Appeals to Texas Legislature for Strong Cybersecurity, Investments in America's IT Workforce

PlanetMagpie joined with fellow DFW businesses to advocate for more investment in the American IT workforce, citing the grave importance of strong cybersecurity in Texas and beyond.

Every state needs to prioritize cybersecurity. Every state needs a skilled IT workforce, local and capable, to preserve that cybersecurity. Texas is no exception…but it's uniquely capable of tackling these issues.

These were the messages PlanetMagpie brought to a special reception for the Texas state legislators on April 20.

Called "It's the Final Stretch," the reception took place at the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin, TX. We invited all members of the Texas State Legislature to come, following the day's session.

PlanetMagpie joined with MBROH Engineering, the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture, and the Margins PAC to sponsor the event. Sponsors supplied the legislators with Salt Lick Barbeque and a Balcones Bourbon tasting, in thanks for their hard work.

Robert and Doreyne Douglas at Texas Reception

PlanetMagpie's Robert and Doreyne Douglas at the "It's the Final Stretch" Reception in Austin, TX.

The presentations discussed building a strong foundation for the future of Texas, from water safety to a strong workforce, via real-world policy solutions & partnerships.

Robert Douglas spoke to the legislators on the importance of cybersecurity at the local & state levels, as well as the value of a world-class American IT workforce to preserve that cybersecurity.

Said Robert following the reception:

"[The event] went great. Everyone I spoke with agreed that Texas needs to invest in its cybersecurity and its workforce. We hope to see some solid change in the next few years."

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