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February 05, 2021

PlanetMagpie's Robert Douglas Warns Construction Industry: Cyberattacks Will Get Worse

A 30-year IT expert talks cybersecurity for the Texas construction industry.

One of the 2020 pandemic's worst consequences was an explosion of cyberattacks. Bad actors, ransomware groups, and other cybercriminals barraged businesses & organizations around the world.

They're still going. No industry is safe.

To help spread the word, Robert spoke with Constructor Magazine, a Texas publication serving the state's construction industry. Construction saw plenty of activity in 2020, and it's one of our favorite industries to serve. Sadly, they aren't immune to cyberattacks, and need to watch out.

In the interview, Robert spoke about social engineering attacks - a form of phishing that uses human psychology to gain access to a company's network resources. Some social engineering attacks even COVID-related fears.

Robert recommended employee cybersecurity training to combat attacks like these. When employees know what to watch for, cyberattack success rates drop like a rock...which is what every business, not just construction companies, should want!

The article also talks about ransomware and the security risks of using personal devices for work. If you're in, or work with the construction industry, it's well worth the 5-minute read.

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