Cloud Backups for Business: Easy, Secure, Essential

Cloud backups make the modern workplace possible.

How? By equipping your company's backup routine to work anytime, anywhere.

Need more storage space? Add it in moments.
Distributed team? Backups proceed regardless.

You also have additional security when your backups live in a different place than your computers.

A local backup isn't enough anymore. Using cloud backups means your data's automatically protected if a disaster happens. Anywhere.

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PlanetMagpie Cloud Backups

Choose Secure Cloud Backups with PlanetMagpie

“But is it safe?” you might ask.  Yes, cloud backups are a safe & secure choice, if you use a private cloud option.  Private clouds can employ enterprise-grade security for all data.  At least PlanetMagpie’s does.

Plus, with your Cloud Backup stored in PlanetMagpie Silicon Valley Datacenter, you know exactly where your backups are stored.  Come visit your data if you feel like it—we like visitors!

With a public cloud like AWS, your files could be stored anywhere in the world.  Europe, China, Brazil, or a dozen other places.  In some cases that’s all right for file storage.  But for your critical business data and IP?  That needs secure backup.  Backup you can get right here.

Store your backups in PlanetMagpie’s cloud!  Choose from two options for Cloud Backup:  Solarwinds MSP Backup & Recovery and Carbonite.

Cloud Backups from GA to CA

Solarwinds MSP Backup & Recovery

PlanetMagpie’s cloud backup solution of choice is Solarwinds MSP Backup & Recovery. It’s a low-impact, high-reliability cloud backup system, built to adapt to your backup needs. With MSP Cloud Backups running, we backup your data to two geographically separated datacenters via the Web.

How it Works:

For computers with less data, we can install the MSP Cloud Backups software & begin the backup right away. For servers and computers with large amounts of data, we create a “seed”—an image-based backup of your data on an external hard drive. We then import the seed to our backup servers. This saves valuable time and your backups can be viable within 24 hours.

After the initial setup, MSP Cloud Backups adjusts how fast it transfers data constantly. It keeps the bandwidth use low, so backups proceed without slowing down your network. Backups can run at any time, day or night.

Cloud backups are stored in the Solarwinds datacenter in Atlanta, Georgia, with a duplicate backup in PlanetMagpie’s Silicon Valley Datacenter. Not only does this speed up file recovery (since we have a local copy), it provides redundancy in case a disaster occurs at either location.

Notable Features:

  • Virtual Disaster Recovery Protection for Servers. Should you have a catastrophic failure, we can bring a copy of your fully backed up servers online fast, so you can continue business operations. Bare Metal recovery is even an option.
  • Versioning. Versioning retains older versions of files. This lets you “roll back” to a previous backup if the current version is corrupted or infected with ransomware. The standard versioning is thirty days, but we can extend this as desired. We can also configure the backups to retain deleted items.
  • Encryption. MSP Cloud Backups employ up to 448-bit Blowfish end-to-end encryption, keeping your data safe from snooping. Encryption is baked into each backup client too. This eliminates the need for a secure Internet connection; backups proceed on schedule, every time, no matter where you are.
  • Local Speed Vault. If your computer has the space, we can keep a local copy of the backup there as well. It’s called the “Local Speed Vault,” and it makes a restore possible from the same computer.
  • Cloud Console. MSP Backup provides a cloud console, giving you a single pane of glass view of the health of all your backups provided by PlanetMagpie.

PlanetMagpie is a Solarwinds partner. Since our datacenter works with Solarwinds’ datacenter automatically, all customer backups have two sets of security protections on them—Solarwinds’ and PlanetMagpie’s.

All cloud backups are protected by PlanetMagpie’s datacenter security, as well as customer separation. Since our datacenter is set up to segregate each customer’s data profile, it’s not possible for one customer’s data to mingle with another’s.

With MSP Cloud Backups running, our datacenter will back up your:

  • Windows Servers
  • Linux Servers
  • SQL Servers
  • Exchange Servers
  • Virtual Machines
  • Desktops & Laptops, Mac and Windows

Back up a single computer, a server group, or an entire office. It works exactly like a professional backup should—running 24/7, no disruption to users, and full protection. This is the backup option to choose when you must make 100% sure all your files are backed up, protected, and kept securely offsite.

Solarwinds is headquartered and supported in the USA.

Interested in using Solarwinds’ MSP Backup & Recovery for your Cloud Backups?  Request a quote using the Contact Us form on the right.



Another Cloud Backup option is Carbonite.  One of the longest-running cloud backup solutions to date, Carbonite is a third-party backup that automatically backs up your data to its cloud servers.

This is the backup option to choose for a small business with not so much data, but you still need reliable backups.

PlanetMagpie does not host Carbonite backups. However, we are a Carbonite Silver Partner.  We help you set up Carbonite on your business’ computers.  We also help you manage your Carbonite backups, and perform data restores in case a computer fails.

Choose from a number of Carbonite backup options:

  1. Business Computer Backup – 3 cloud backup plans for computers, NAS, and servers.
  2. Server Backup – Protect your servers with one of Carbonite’s server backup/recovery plans.
  3. Disaster Recovery – An image-based Disaster Recovery system designed for SMB protection.
Interested in Carbonite as your next backup solution?  Call PlanetMagpie at 510-344-1180 (CA) / 817-806-3524 (TX) / 704-998-2174 (NC) to ask for Carbonite help.