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June 10, 2024

Website Launch! Fleet Team

An industrial consulting agency wanted to upgrade their website, to match their growth efforts. PlanetMagpie's revamp delivered a complete "level up" in its user experience!

Fleet Team provides material handling fleet management solutions to shipping & distribution companies across the United States.

The Fleet Team website needed an upgrade. Top priorities included new page formatting that would facilitate their messaging better, restructured navigation, and an improved mobile experience. They also hoped to create a more accurate reflection of the company’s value and organize the site for future growth.

Fleet Team contacted PlanetMagpie’s Creative Lab. While we reviewed their objectives, the client showed us a few examples of in-progress page reworks. Created in-house, these helped to illustrate the design direction they wanted to take the rest of the website. They hoped we would expand upon these initial in-house efforts to build a new, consistent visual language to inform the strategy for the rest of the website redesign.

Taking this approach would reduce creative and development time, allowing the website to “level up” alongside Fleet Team’s other branding efforts, which included datasheets and other print collateral.

The Build Process

The Creative Lab started with a full website review, cataloging the site’s strengths and weaknesses for discussion with Fleet Team.

While our website reviews are detailed and descriptive, often it’s easier to show a customer what we suggest rather than just tell them. For this reason, we included a complete homepage design comp alongside our written review and recommendations.

The client loved the initial homepage concept. They liked it so much that they approved our approach, finding it aligned perfectly with their vision.

We took the homepage design and kicked off development with it serving as a “proof of concept”. Upon final sign off, we built each subsequent page leveraging the new visual approach. Readers could now easily digest the existing page content due to strategic page segmentation, iconography, and supporting graphics.

Next, revamping the site’s content, along with enhancing its SEO. This was to be Stage 2 in their evolution; as Fleet Team’s solutions improve, so too would their content. The new site would allow them to easily scale to match. In fact, Fleet Team added three new pages during the build process!

The “leveling up” strategy worked! It allowed the Creative Lab to stand up a newly-upgraded in December 2023.


Fleet Team Website Rebuild 


As with all new PlanetMagpie Creative Lab websites, is now:

  • Class-leading user experience and interface design
  • Fully responsive on all devices
  • Updated to modern SEO standards
  • Optimized for fast loading on mobile
  • Ready & able to integrate with third-party solutions

Fleet Team now has a website that can easily grow alongside them, provide visitors with the essential information they need, and make it easy for those visitors to see Fleet Team’s value.