Tech Tips

November 09, 2023

5 Company Website Checks to Make Before Year's End

If you could do 5 quick checks of your website, and prevent a slew of technical issues throughout 2024, wouldn't you?

What if you could make a few simple IT checks now, and avoid a slew of painful website issues next year? You can—and it doesn’t even take long! 

Here are 5 checks you can do in an afternoon.

  1. Check your website host account. When does it renew? Is the card on file current? Calendar the renewal date, to make sure.

  2. Check your website's SSL certificate provider. Is the billing information current? When will it expire? Put in a reminder 1 week prior to that to renew.

  3. Check your domain registration. When is your company domain up for renewal? Is it set to auto-renew? Whose email is on file for renewal notifications?

  4. Check your website's CMS version. Content Management System software needs to stay current. You don't want your CMS more than one major update behind (at most). If it is, schedule an update to the latest CMS version.

  5. Check your website's host for backup tools. Does the host include a daily backup of your website automatically? If not, does it offer a backups add-on service? Add it, so you have an always-ready backup in case anything happens to your company website.