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November 04, 2022

Website Launch! Industrial Forklifts

The PlanetMagpie Creative Lab has launched a new customer website! Industrial Forklifts distributes Heli forklifts to dealers across the Western U.S.

Industrial Forklifts is the Western U.S. distributor for the Heli forklift brand. They needed a full redevelopment of their website.  On its current aging CMS platform, the site didn’t have the flexibility needed for efficient content updates and SEO improvements. 

The answer—redesign and redevelop the site in a mobile-friendly WordPress theme. The company had team members familiar with WordPress already, so buy-in came fast!

We scheduled the redevelopment in distinct stages. We staggered each stage out, as the company’s website team had enormous time demands due to global supply chain issues.

First, a design stage to update branding and showcase the latest Heli models. Easily navigated product pages and custom graphics were designed to ensure the North American product line stands out in a competitive material handling marketplace.

Then a content & SEO rework stage, to provide dealers with the product information they needed. Refreshing content and SEO metadata also improves search authority.

Finally, development of the new site in WordPress to tie it all together.

The staggered approach worked! The new went live in October 2022. Screenshots



As with all new PlanetMagpie Creative Lab websites, is now:

  • Fully responsive on all devices
  • Easy to navigate with calls to action leading visitors to desired actions
  • Updated to modern SEO standards
  • Optimized for fast loading on mobile
  • Ready & able to integrate with third-party solutions

Now forklift dealerships can identify which Heli forklifts they should stock, source parts for repair, and schedule Heli warranty service.