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October 12, 2020

PlanetMagpie Creative Lab Wins 2020 W3 Award for Website Design wins a new award for its ground-up rebuild! won its latest award for a ground-up rebuild, recasting it as the “Auto Mall” of forklifts!

Cromer Material Handling is an industrial equipment & warehouse supply distributor. Based in Oakland, with offices across Central/Northern California and Nevada, the company supplies forklifts, warehouse rack, and all things material handling.

Cromer’s previous website won a WebAward in 2013 for custom design & branding, and sustained the company's online operations for 6 years. However, by 2018, the company knew it needed to upgrade. 

  • The business had more than doubled its workforce, from 61 people to 150.
  • They grew from 3 locations to 7.
  • They added 3 more forklift brands to its distributorship for a total of 10.
  • Their mobile viewership had more than doubled.

Our Creative Lab, having worked with Cromer for 6 years at this point, determined to make the new as 'award-winning' as its predecessor. We did a ground-up rebuild for the website, from content to layout, redesigning it as "The Auto Mall of Forklifts."

The all-new ...just in time for submission to the W3 Awards' 2020 lineup.

Cromer New Website Screenshots

The W3 Awards received over 3,000 entries this year, even with the pandemic. Stiff competition, but we knew we'd built a winner.

The W3 judges agreed! They gave the website a Silver W3 Award in the "Websites – Manufacturing" category. This category only recognizes top-tier websites in the Manufacturing industry.

W3 Awards 2020 Silver Winner

Other top winners in the Manufacturing category included PicoCyl and American Landmaster.

View the .

The PlanetMagpie Creative Lab thanks the W3 judges for this latest award. We're happy to once again be recognized among the great creative work of our fellow designers, content producers, and digital agencies.