PlanetMagpie News

November 12, 2019

Website Launch!

Cromer Material Handling is the leading forklift & material handling equipment distributor in California. Their new website is 100% mobile-friendly, with Quote Request tools and an all-new user experience.

PlanetMagpie and Cromer Material Handling have worked together for almost 10 years. Cromer first became a customer when PlanetMagpie’s owner Robert walked into their Oakland location to buy rack for the office. Since then, we’ve assisted the Cromer team with digital marketing and IT support services.

The new, launched November 7, is the second iteration PlanetMagpie created. The first launched in 2012 and featured a whole new brand for the company—"The Forklift Boss."

Since then, the company more than doubled in size, acquired 2 other businesses, and increased its Northern California market coverage to include Central California. Mobile visits also grew by over 50%, as customers relied more on their phones.

All this growth necessitated a major website update, to support a company three times the size it was in 2012!

Cromer Development Screenshots

The all-new gives Cromer a contemporary look & feel, a unique marquee slide show connected to the main navigation, 100% mobile-friendly layouts, and fresh content to guide the reader. It even has new tools for customers to order equipment directly from "The Forklift Boss."

The Cromer team wanted this website to show the world that they are a one-stop shop, the auto mall of the material handling world. To accomplish this, we incorporated layout elements from several auto mall websites and chose an ultra-flexible content management system (Craft CMS) for the website.

The result? now stands as "The Auto Mall of Forklifts!"

Now that the Forklift Boss has a brand-new website, he’s ready to conquer the rest of the material handling world. PlanetMagpie will be behind him every step of the way.