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February 04, 2015

PlanetMagpie Launches All-New Website for San Jose Child Development Therapy Provider

Announcing PlanetMagpie's First Client Website for 2015: A is for Apple, Inc. The new A is for Apple website is built for parents of children with developmental disabilities. Every page is designed for easy browsing, learning and support.

Total rebuild of A is for Apple, Inc. website to serve as a support center for local parents

If you were a parent of a child who has developmental delays, or they just received a diagnosis of autism, what would you do?

These days, you’d go online. On the Web parents can find information, help for their child, and support for the family.
A is for Apple Logo
Autism, speech and occupational therapy provider A is for Apple, Inc. wanted their site to serve as a welcoming place and a source of support for parents faced with such circumstances.

So they approached PlanetMagpie to rework their website.

Site Designed for Ease of Use

The biggest questions PlanetMagpie had to answer for this project were about the audience. "What would parents need to see right away to qualify A is for Apple as a potential therapy provider for their child? Do they provide the kind of therapy I need? Do they take my insurance? Are they established? Do they have the right qualifications?" said Doreyne Douglas, Vice President of PlanetMagpie and head of its Web Development division.

Using audience research, interviews and discussions with A is for Apple’s employees, the Web Development team built a custom website with all-new content and multiple new features, such as video, a blog, and responsive design.

All of which focused on making a parent’s experience simple and helpful.

Doreyne: "It took a lot of research and discussion with the client. And it worked out extremely well."

Site Features Made for Parents

The new A is for Apple site provides parents with:
  • Easy-to-read details on therapy services, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and speech-language therapy
  • Help working with insurance companies and state-run Regional Centers
  • A Glossary of therapy terms as a quick reference
  • Videos to welcome new visitors and showcase the A is for Apple facilities
  • And a new blog for announcements and conversations.
With the launch of their all-new website on January 16, A is for Apple Inc. hopes to provide support for their current community of parents, and welcome new ones who’ll need help with their child’s therapy in the future.

"This is one of the most finely-detailed websites we’ve ever built," said Doreyne. "Every page, every topic covered, it’s all done to give parents of children with autism the help they need."

The new A is for Apple, Inc. website is found at