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September 16, 2021

Defense Against the Cyber War Continues, at the North Texas Infrastructure Summit

Robert Douglas presented at the North Texas Infrastructure Summit in August 2021, educating attendees about cyberattacks on critical infrastructure.

Robert Douglas Presents on Business Threats, Cyber Insurance, and Protecting Critical Infrastructure

The "Cyber War" doesn't stop, so we can't either. PlanetMagpie President Robert Douglas joined a panel at the North Texas Infrastructure Summit August 26, in Hurst, Texas.

The panel's topic? "Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure"

Robert Albach of Cisco Systems, and Jason Olson of AT&T joined Robert on the panel. Mr. Albach offered insight into the evolution of cyberattacks, and how they target IoT/"smart" devices with a fervor.

Mr. Olson spoke on the legislative side to protecting critical infrastructure, such as water treatment and electricity. Rounding it out, Robert spoke on the efficacy of "Cyber Insurance," common entry points for cyberattacks, and staying vigilant against new types of attacks.

Cybersecurity Panel Seven Cyberattack Vectors

The Summit also addressed issues with water safety, the Infrastructure Bill in Congress, and other Texas water/energy infrastructure. Hundreds of professionals from the utility sector, local government, and Dallas-area corporations attended.

Hundreds more people now aware of the "Cyber War" and what they can do to help stop it.

To see Robert's contributions, watch this recording of the "Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure " panel: