Tech Tips

April 10, 2024

Beware the Evil Twin! (The Wi-Fi Kind)

Public Wi-Fi networks are convenient. Unless you connect to a fake network...and fall victim to an Evil Twin cyberattack.

Ever been in a coffee shop and saw a Wi-Fi network name that looked like theirs? The name looks almost identical. Maybe one letter’s different. Could just be a typo.

Or it could be an Evil Twin!

Horror movies aside, an “Evil Twin” is a fake Wi-Fi network made to look like a legitimate one. Its naming is nearly identical to the legitimate network. If you connect to it, you’d browse normally...

...but the cybercriminal who created that “Evil Twin” has infiltrated your device.

What’s the point? Data. Evil Twins harvest data from the traffic going through them...passwords, emails, intellectual property, you name it.

Say you join an Evil Twin network & log in to your company’s Microsoft 365 service. You’ve just granted a cybercriminal access to your team’s work. They can steal it all, using YOUR credentials.

Evil Twins can pop up anywhere there’s an open Wi-Fi network. The simplest defense is to never join one. Always make sure your team joins the correct Wi-Fi network. When traveling, use the hotspot on your phone, or a Wi-Fi hotspot through your carrier.

One precautionary step, and the Evil Twin loses its power.


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