Defend Yourself from Cyberattack—Train Your Employees in Cyber Defense!

Cybersecurity Training Available for Bay Area, Austin, Fort Worth, and Charlotte Businesses

Ransomware costing the world billions. Millions of people's data stolen in major breaches (Equifax, Deloitte). Phishing emails and Shadow IT clogging up the network. Your IT infrastructure doesn’t stand a chance! 

Or does it? Fight back against the attackers with:

"Cyber Defense!"

Your office becomes a training ground for PlanetMagpie’s "Cyber Defense" on-site seminar.  We will equip your employees with eight 'master-level' techniques for protecting your company from cyberattack. All eight techniques are easy to remember and implement.  


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Everything you'll need to convince your team...before the next cyberattack hits. 

"Cyber Defense" Cybersecurity Training (PDF)


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Reduce Cybersecurity Risks with Employee Training

In just 2 hours, our IT Master will raise the consciousness of your grasshoppers, teaching them the ways of Cyber Defense.  They will learn secrets like:

  • What cybersecurity is, and how each person’s actions can influence it
  • How malware worms its way into networks, and how to keep it out
  • How to safely navigate the Web and resist clickbait!
  • How to avoid laptop theft while traveling
  • How to protect your company’s internal and customer data from cybercriminals
  • How to spot email borne-viruses and ransomware
  • How to dispose of IT hardware without inadvertently giving your IP (Intellectual Property) away


BONUS!  An IT expert will explain how your company's Acceptable Use Policy (for hardware, software, internet usage, and personal devices) works, and how it can help everyone defend against cybercriminals' covert strikes.

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Stop Cyberattacks Before They Get In. Train Your Employees in Cyber Defense.

Time to kick cybercriminals in the (virtual) face! 

Seminars cost $499 for up to 50 people. (For larger groups, please contact us.)

To schedule your own "Cyber Defense" training, contact PlanetMagpie at

(This training guaranteed to warm the hearts of SOX auditors and company stakeholders.)

California Businesses: 510-344-1200

Austin (TX) Businesses: 737-320-6966

Fort Worth (TX) Businesses: 817-806-3524

Charlotte (NC) Businesses: 704-998-2174

Companies spend more on their coffee than security

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