Tech Tips

July 13, 2023

Never Scan a QR Code from an Unknown Source

We expect phishing emails, and plan for them. But what if phishing attacks use a QR code instead?

QR codes show up all over the place now—on gas pumps, store windows, event banners, in emails, and much more.

Scan one with your phone, then tap the link, and you’re taken to a company website, a landing page, or a special offer. No typing in a long's so easy!

However, QR codes don’t always lead you to someplace safe. Clicking on that URL can unleash malware on your phone.

The dangerous part of this is that you can’t tell a malware-infected QR code from a legitimate QR code by sight. Instead, look at the message conveying the code. Did the message show up out of the blue?  Did it come from a source you don't recognize?

If so, save yourself some trouble—don't scan it.