Tech Tips

May 10, 2023

Low-Tech Ways to Protect Your Phone

Stopping phone attacks doesn't have to take expensive software. Use these free options to protect yours!

Phone hijacks, phone theft, malicious seems like everyone’s after your phone. How do you keep everyone out without expensive security software?

Let’s make it easy. Here are some low-tech (or no-tech) ways to protect your phone and its data.

  1. Passcode protect your phone
  2. Keep your phone's OS and firmware up to date
  3. Don’t share your phone number on social media
  4. Never leave your phone unattended outside your home
  5. Never click on a suspicious link you didn't request, either via email or text
  6. Backup your phone regularly—or better yet, set up an automatic backup method
  7. For iPhones, turn on "Find My" which prevents the phone's activation if lost 

Already doing all of these? Great! You’re ahead of the game.

Not doing all of them? It costs nothing to start, and you’re making your phone – and your company – much safer.