Tech Tips

April 12, 2023

Use MFA for Everything!

Get an instant security upgrade - just add MFA. Works for hundreds of applications, online and offline!

Every software platform, online and offline, has some measure of security built into it. Unfortunately, much of the time it’s not enough.

What’s the easiest way to boost security? Add Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Chances are you already use MFA for some online services. Your bank, for example, may email you a “Click Here to Confirm” link during your login. That’s one MFA method.

Other methods include:

  • Texting your phone with a verification code
  • Calling a phone number with a verification code
  • Generating one-time passcodes via hardware tokens
  • Using biometric keys (e.g., fingerprint scanners)

MFA is a big security improvement for cloud services, VPNs, server accounts, identity providers, payment gateways, etc.

How do you implement MFA? Check your application; it may have MFA already built in (just needs activation). You can also deploy a cloud app, like , to hundreds of platforms.  It provides several authentication methods via the app (including tokens) at a reasonable per-user subscription fee.

If you use any kind of online applications, for employees or customers, using MFA strengthens their security.