Tech Tips

February 07, 2019

Password Safety through SSO (Single Sign-On)

Almost every cloud service needs a secure password. How do you remember them all? Unless you have an incredible memory, you probably don't. Companies who keep all their services in the cloud are moving to SSO in droves.

If you practice good Cyber Fu, you have secure passwords for all your apps. Long, complex, hard-to-crack passwords. However, now you have a new problem. You can't remember them all!

Simple solution: Don't. Let an SSO service do it for you.

SSO stands for "Single Sign-On." It's a technology that handles authentication across multiple apps & services. By storing passwords & other credentials and talking to those services for you, SSO reduces the number of times you need to enter a password, scan your thumbprint, provide your mother's maiden name, etc.

If you have a Microsoft Account or an Apple ID, you already use SSO. Every SSO provider uses strong encryption to protect your credentials, so you don't have to worry about using them.

How do you implement SSO for your business? You deploy an SSO solution. The one we recommend is Okta.

Okta checks our Cyber Fu boxes for SSO:

  • Handles authentication for hundreds of local apps and cloud services.
  • Integrates into Microsoft's Active Directory.
  • Gives you real-time security reports just in case someone's trying to break in.
  • Additional tools for identity management, multi-factor authentication, etc.
  • It's even affordable, starting at just $24/user per year.

Using SSO takes care of remembering passwords for you, as well as keeping those passwords safe. Good Cyber Fu.

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