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June 07, 2018

2 Great Examples of Strong Passwords (and 2 Catastrophically Bad Ones)

In this Cyber Fu Tip, we look at strong/weak passwords. Password strength can make you - or break you - when it comes to cyber-warfare. Strong passwords generally take two forms. Weak passwords, well, there are all kinds of those. These examples should clarify how to make your next password super strong.

Password security is key to good Cyber Fu. We all want to use passwords we can remember easily. Thing is, "easy to remember" can also mean "easy to crack."

We set strong passwords on new laptops for customers all the time. Once we show the customer the new password, they usually keep it. Result? No trouble with hacking attempts. Good Cyber Fu.

How do you make a strong password? Here are two paths you can take…along with two paths you should never take, and why!

2 Strong Passwords (Good Cyber Fu)

  1. 5-a&&t(D)Y
    Looks like one of our office dogs smacked the keyboard, doesn't it? The randomness protects its security. You do get used to typing these pretty fast, in case you're wondering.

  2. Echo Romeo Hotel Foxtrot 1!
    This is known as 'word salad.' A string of words that don't make sense together. That's good…it means the password cracking apps cybercriminals use have a tough time.

2 Catastrophically Bad Passwords (Bad Cyber Fu)

  1. 12345 / 67890 / QWERTY
    These are 'sequential' passwords. Just a series of letters/numbers typed across the keyboard. It's common because it's easy to type. Unfortunately, common = easy to guess = easy to hack.

  2. [Person's Birthday] – e.g. 080179
    You might think this is a good option. But think about this—how often have you entered your birthday on a Web form? It's on your Netflix account, your bank account, your rental agreements…which means it's stored in a bunch of places online.

    A person's birthday is one of the first things a cybercriminal will try when breaking into your computer. Why? Because it's easy to find online.


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