Tech Tips

November 07, 2018

Follow a Monthly Patch Schedule & Avoid "Surprise Bugs"

How often should you apply security patches/Windows updates? Stick to a monthly schedule a week or two past Update Tuesday. Why? Well, not every patch arrives in perfect working order.

It's a time-honored cybersecurity practice: Apply all security patches and Windows updates. They help protect your computers and servers against newly discovered security holes.

Just make sure you stick to a monthly update schedule.

Why monthly? Why not right away? Sadly, not all security patches are created equal. Same with OS updates. Sometimes they're released too early...and they still have bugs in them. We call these "Surprise Bugs."

We had a perfect example just last month. Fast-track updaters rushed to apply the October 2018 Windows 10 update…and discovered a bug that started deleting their files! Surprise!

Microsoft, of course, pulled the update before millions more felt the sting:

They have since fixed the issue and re-released the October 2018 Update. Unfortunately, more "Surprise Bugs" showed up. In the same update.

Why apply patches monthly instead of immediately? To give Microsoft time to repair any Surprise Bugs, before they damage your systems.


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