Tech Tips

October 10, 2018

Avast Ye! Thar Be 2 Reasons Never to Use Pirated Software

Does your workstation contain any pirated software? If so, remove it ASAP. Beside the fact that it’s illegal, there are two more reasons not to pirate software…both of which involve your company's cybersecurity.

"Photoshop/Office/Windows is so expensive. Can't we just pirate it?"

BAD idea. Using pirated software, even temporarily, actually puts your cybersecurity at risk! In not just one, but two ways. Here's why you should never use pirated software.

Reason #1: You can't get updates or support for it.

No software developer will give you updates if you didn't pay! This is a big problem for corporate devices…it means you have an old, out-of-date app running. You know what an old, out-of-date software app is to a cybercriminal? A way in.

Reason #2: The pirated software itself may have malware in it!

Cybercriminals often embed malware in software, and then throw the software out onto the Web "for free." Once you install the software, the malware activates…stealing data, or using your device's network access to break into the company's network.

Don't take chances. You could leave your computer and all its data vulnerable to theft, ransomware, or full-scale cyberattack.

Pirated software—aaarrrggghhh!


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