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Proven I.T. Support for Dallas-Fort Worth Businesses

Ready for I.T. that just works?  Solve all your I.T. problems with one call!

How much better would work be if:

  • Everyone's computer ran smoothly.
  • No one worried about losing a file.
  • Your staff could spot malware like the pros, thanks to cybersecurity training.
  • Everyone had fast, stable Internet access.
  • Remote work was just as easy - and secure - as working in the office.
  • A live person responded to help desk tickets within 15 minutes.
  • Downtime became a thing of the past.
  • Network/workstation security: Rock-solid.
  • Business continuity? Baked into your support model.
  • Your monthly IT spend stayed reasonable every month.


Sound impossible? It's not. Not with the right MSP taking care of your I.T.

Lucky you — you already found us. We're PlanetMagpie I.T. Consulting. A proven I.T. Services Provider with 25 years in operation in Silicon Valley and the DFW metro.

If your business operates in:

  • Addison
  • Arlington
  • Coppell
  • Dallas
  • Denton
  • Flower Mound
  • Fort Worth
  • Frisco
  • Grand Prairie
  • Grapevine
  • Irving
  • Lewisville
  • Plano
  • Richardson
  • Southlake


You're in the right place. Let's make your I.T. "just work."

Exclusive Offer for New Fort Worth Customers Below — Keep Reading!

IT Support to Unleash Texan IT
Managed IT Services Dallas Fort Worth

Why PlanetMagpie is the Managed Services Provider for You

With PlanetMagpie, you have one partner handling one or all of your IT needs.  From building a secure network, to procuring new computers, to maintaining your servers, to desktop support.  We do it all.  Our IT Support team becomes your IT Department.

The only MSP/IT support agency in the DFW Metro with ground-level Silicon Valley experience.  (PlanetMagpie first opened in Silicon Valley back in 1998.)  We have been a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner since 2006.  Less than 1% of Microsoft Partners achieve that status.

We'll Handle the IT.  You Handle the Success.

How many IT consultants train your employees to stop cyberattacks before they happen?  Or help you plan out a 3-year IT strategy that saves you money each year?

PlanetMagpie does.

You have enough to do running your business.  Nobody has time to deal with freezing computers, broken Internet, or malware attacks.  Let us tackle those IT problems for you...and work proactively to keep them from happening in the first place.

Long-Term IT Services Partner

We approach our work as a long-term partnership with your business.  If you need IT equipment, software, or a new phone system, we’ll make the recommendation that fits your business' operations.  We won’t sell you anything you don’t need.

How long-term are we talking? We still have our first customer, 25 years later!

Managed IT Services Dallas Fort Worth

IT Services and Support — Made in America!

At PlanetMagpie we recognize that decades of offshoring America's IT work has resulted in an IT skills gap. We even wrote a White Paper about it to help people see what was happening.

We're doing what we can to help rebuild the U.S. tech workforce. Take for example our engineer-in-training program. Local tech graduates come to work with us. We train them on specialized real-world IT systems while on-the-job. America gains a highly-skilled IT professional; we gain a valuable team member.

We also like to hire veterans. Veterans make great engineers and techs, bringing their work ethic and service skills to our customers.

Whenever possible, we buy and recommend American IT hardware/software products for ourselves and for customers.

When you work with PlanetMagpie, you're also making a positive impact on the USA!

IT Systems Review Offer for Dallas Forth Worth Businesses

Exclusive Offer for DFW Businesses: FREE 2-hour Systems Review

When was the last time you had an IT expert take a look at your computer network?

In a Systems Review, PlanetMagpie President/"Alpha Dog" Robert Douglas will analyze your business' current IT infrastructure:

  • Workstation-level to network-level
  • Your risk of cyberattack
  • Where vulnerabilities exist
  • What to assess before migrating to the Cloud
  • Network speed
  • Does your technology work for you, or demand time out of your day too often?

Then he'll sit down with you to discuss your IT pain points.  Point out security risks he found.  Discuss your backups.  Together you can work out potential IT solution options that fit your budget.

Totally free.  Zero obligation.

Based in the DFW Metroplex?  Interested in 'loyal as a dog' IT Support Services?

Call PlanetMagpie at 817-806-3524 to start!

IT Services FAQ for Dallas Fort Worth Customers

FAQs about PlanetMagpie's DFW Office & Managed IT Services

If you started in Silicon Valley, what brought you to the DFW area?

Back in 2016, we began receiving calls from businesses in Dallas/Fort Worth.  They needed IT support or consulting, and found us through the Web or referrals.  As this kept happening, we realized something...the Dallas area needed more reliable IT help!

At the same time, we wanted to open a new office.  Some place with a growing economy and businesses that might want their IT dollars to support American IT workers.  This made the DFW area the natural choice.

We opened our first office in Grapevine, as it allowed us fast access to Dallas, Irving, and Fort Worth. In 2022 we moved the office to Fort Worth for a more efficient office location and better access to the Fort Worth market (while still having easy reach to the rest of DFW).

Why should we work with you?

When it comes to IT service providers/consultants, true reliability is rare.  We lost count years ago of how many businesses came to us, after getting burned by an unreliable IT company.

We started this company in 1998 with Magpie, the founder's black Lab, as its mascot.  We wanted to imbue Magpie's values—loyalty and reliability—into the business.  It's worked ever since.  PlanetMagpie is the "loyal as a dog" IT solutions company...both for Silicon Valley, and now for the Silicon Prairie.

Can you help us with cybersecurity?

Absolutely! We handle everything cybersecurity-related: protections for workstations/servers/networks, remediation of security holes, cloud backups, network vulnerability testing, and disaster recovery.

We even provide employee cybersecurity training (we call it 'Cybersecurity Kung Fu') to help you prevent cyberattacks from happening.


Which IT services can you provide us?

All the IT services you'll need for your success!  We cover all four 'Pillars' of business IT:

  • IT Consulting (Microsoft solutions and network engineering)
  • IT Support (network maintenance, desktop support, managed IT services)
  • Digital Marketing (custom website design, development, hosting, and marketing)
  • Private Cloud Service (private cloud hosting, including cloud backups)


What are your professional qualifications?

PlanetMagpie is a Microsoft Partner with three Gold Competencies in: Cloud Productivity, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, and Application Integration.  We also hold 10 Silver Competencies from Communications to Windows & Devices.  Our "Alpha Dog" even helped Microsoft write some of its certification exams.

Add to that 30+ years of professional IT experience, a team of cybersecurity experts, 20 awards won for website development & branding, and a reputation for "loyal as a dog" IT service.  We are the company other Silicon Valley IT agencies emulate.


I've never worked with an IT Support company. What's it like?

Picture this.  You're busy working, and you discover email isn't working.  Uh oh.  You need some IT help!

You pick up the phone, or send an email, over to PlanetMagpie.  PlanetMagpie Support Team member Jake, who's assigned to your company, logs into your computer remotely, finds the problem (issue with a recent software update), resolves the problem, and your email is working again.  You get back to work.  You’re billed for the time it took to resolve the issue (0.5 hour for instance), but you're only paying for the time someone's actually working. 

PlanetMagpie becomes part of your team.  Here when you need us, but only when you need us.



Fort Worth! Ready for Your IT to "Just Work?"

Call PlanetMagpie's Support Team at 817-806-3524 to schedule an evaluation.  We'll include a cybersecurity check as well, if you're concerned about ransomware or cyberattack (and you should be!).

You focus on growing the business.  We'll take care of the IT.

Our Texas Office:
600 West 6th Street
Suite 416
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Reach PlanetMagpie's Texas office on:



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Proven IT support for B2B businesses in Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Grapevine, Irving, and North Dallas.


Start working with one partner for all your IT Support needs.  Call PlanetMagpie to request your FREE 2-hour Systems Review today!

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