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Your IT Services Partner is Right Here. Welcome.

We're PlanetMagpie, a longtime Silicon Valley IT Services provider.  We are happy to announce that we are joining the Dallas/Fort Worth business community.

Please keep reading for an exclusive offer!

With PlanetMagpie, you have one partner handling one or all of your IT needs. From procuring new computers to maintaining your network's performance...we handle it all for you. Our IT Support team becomes your IT Department.

Managed IT Services Dallas Fort Worth

We'll Handle the IT. You Handle the Success.

How many IT consultants train your employees to stop cyberattacks before they happen?  Or help you plan out a 3-year IT strategy that saves you money each year?

PlanetMagpie does.

You have enough to do running your business.  Nobody has time to deal with freezing computers, broken Internet, or malware attacks.

Let us tackle those IT problems for you.  Use one or all of our services, when you need them.  We serve as anything from an occasional support resource, to acting as your company's IT Department.

Long-Term IT Services Partner

We approach our work as a long-term partnership with your business.  For that reason, we don’t employ any sales staff.  If you need IT equipment or software or a new telephone system, we’ll make a recommendation.  If not, we won’t.  We don’t want to sell you anything you don’t need.

Made in America!

We don’t offshore any of our work.  We believe it's important to build a strong American IT workforce, and to support local businesses by buying American whenever possible.  Everything we can do to make a positive impact on the good old USA!

IT Systems Review Offer for Dallas Forth Worth Businesses

Exclusive Dallas/Fort Worth Offer: FREE 1-hour Systems Review

When is the last time you had an IT expert take a look at your computer network from 40,000 feet?  Figuratively speaking.

In a Systems Review, PlanetMagpie President/"Alpha Dog" Robert Douglas will analyze your business' current IT infrastructure:

  • Workstation-level to network-level
  • Your existing support plan
  • Your risk of cyberattack
  • Where vulnerabilities exist
  • Does your technology work for you, or demand time out of your day too often?

Then he'll sit down with you to discuss your IT pain points. Point out security risks he found. Discuss your backups. Together you work out IT solution options that fit your budget.

Totally free.  Zero obligation.

Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Interested in 'loyal as a dog' IT Support Services?

Call PlanetMagpie at 817-806-3524
Or use the Contact Form on the right.

IT Services FAQ for Dallas Fort Worth Customers

FAQ about PlanetMagpie's Dallas IT Support Location

Why come to the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

Back in 2016, we began receiving calls from businesses in Dallas/Fort Worth. They needed IT support or consulting, and found us through the Web or referrals. As this kept happening, we realized something...the Dallas/Fort Worth area needed more reliable IT help!

We wanted to open a new office anyway. Someplace with a growing economy and businesses that might want their IT dollars to support American IT workers. This made Dallas/Fort Worth the natural choice. We opened our office in Grapevine in Fall 2018.

Why should we work with you?

When it comes to IT service providers/consultants, true reliability is rare.  We lost count years ago of how many businesses came to us, after getting burned by an unreliable IT company.

We started this company in 1998 with Magpie, the founder's black Lab, as its mascot.  We wanted to imbue Magpie's values - loyalty and reliability - into the business.  It's worked ever since.  PlanetMagpie is the "loyal as a dog" IT solutions company...both for Silicon Valley, and now for the Silicon Prairie.

Can you help us with cybersecurity?

Absolutely! We handle everything cybersecurity-related: protections for workstations/servers/networks, remediation of security holes, cloud backups, and disaster recovery.

We even provide employee cybersecurity training (we call it 'Cyber Fu') to help you prevent cyberattacks from happening.


Which IT services can you provide us?

All the IT services you'll need for your success! We cover all four 'Pillars' of business IT:

  • IT Consulting (Microsoft solutions and network engineering)
  • IT Support (network maintenance, desktop support, managed IT service)
  • Web Consulting (custom website design, development, hosting, and marketing)
  • Private Cloud Service (private cloud hosting, including cloud backups)


What are your professional qualifications?

PlanetMagpie is a Microsoft Partner with three Gold Competencies in: Cloud Productivity, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, and Application Integration.  We also hold 10 Silver Competencies from Communications to Windows & Devices.  Our "Alpha Dog" even helped Microsoft write some of its certification exams.

Add to that 30+ years of professional IT experience, a team of cybersecurity experts, 20 awards won for website development & branding, and a reputation for "loyal as a dog" IT service.  We are the company other Silicon Valley IT agencies emulate.


I've never worked with an IT Consultant. What's it like?

Picture this. You're busy working, and you discover email isn't working. Uh oh. You need some IT help!

You pick up the phone, or send an email, over to Jake. Jake is your PlanetMagpie Support Team member, assigned to your company...but to you, he's your co-worker. You and Jake arrange a time to resolve the issue. Jake shows up at the agreed time, or logs into your computer remotely.

He finds the problem; a snag in a recent software update. A little configuration and a reboot later, and email's working again. You get back to work.

Everything else—contract terms, billing—we took care of with Management beforehand. This way we make IT support pain-free for everyone in your workplace. We're part of the when you need us.


Can You Evaluate Our IT?

Yes—and it's free.  Call us at 817-806-3524 to schedule an evaluation.  Cybersecurity checks are included, if you're concerned about ransomware or cyberattack (and you should be!).

You focus on growing the business.  We'll take care of the IT.

Our Texas Office:
129 South Main Street
Suite 260
Grapevine, TX 76051

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Proven IT support for B2B businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Grapevine, Irving, and North Dallas.


Start working with one partner for all your IT Support needs. Call PlanetMagpie to request your FREE 1-hour Systems Review today!

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