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December 13, 2023

How Did Your Company’s IT Affect Productivity in 2023? Ask Yourself These 9 Questions

If IT hampered your team’s productivity at all this year, tackling those issues is a good place to start 2024.

It’s almost time to close the books on 2023! This is a perfect time to reflect on the past year, and consider your IT. Has it been an asset all year? Or an impediment to your organization’s daily operations?

Did your IT reliably work behind the scenes, allowing your team to stay focused? Or was your IT an impediment to team productivity?

If you want to improve team productivity in 2024 (and who doesn’t?), take a minute for an honest look at how your IT performed in 2023. We’ve made up a simple chart to help with that.

Just answer these nine questions to determine if your productivity is on point...or if you have productivity pain points you’ll need to focus on fixing for 2024.

How many times did your company’s Internet access go down this year?
How many hours did it disrupt business? Did it affect any of your customers?
How many times did your building lose power this year?
Did it cause IT hardware damage? Database corruptions? Did your UPS fail as well?
How many cyberattack incidents did you experience?
Did the incidents affect Email? Cloud services? Workstations? Servers?
How many of your IT devices have "aged out" / begun to fail due to age?
How much time did you lose dealing with it? Are your workstations over 3 years old? Servers over 6? Network devices over 7?
How many issues did you have with applications?
How old are the applications everyone uses? Do you update your software regularly? Did any software updates cause an issue?
How many end users complained about IT ticket response times?
What do you expect from your IT Support provider or your in-house team? Did they slip on those expectations?
How many of your team’s laptops or mobile phones got stolen or damaged this year?
Did you have backups for the stolen devices? Did you encrypt the devices? Did you lose customer data or IP from the thefts / damage?
How many employees complained about your office Wi-Fi?
Did they say it was too slow? Trouble connecting?
How many conferencing mishaps did you have?
Did your team have difficulty getting a meeting started? Did you consistently see poor video/call quality?


If you answered ‘Too Many!’ to any of these productivity killers, don’t worry...solutions exist! Just reach out to your IT provider or call PlanetMagpie for help. With 25 years of supporting business IT in Silicon Valley and around the U.S., we have proven solutions for nearly every IT pain point. 

Concerned about cost? The cost to remedy these issues usually pales in comparison to the cost of business downtime. Besides, chances are the cost is totally affordable.

These days, IT is the bedrock of most organizations. Ignoring IT issues doesn’t just affect employee productivity…it can also lower customer service and increase employee turnover. Getting on top of these issues early in 2024 will be a tremendous way to start the year.


Have “too many” Too Many’s on the list? Contact sales@planetmagpie.com and we’ll get you ready for 2024 in no time.