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June 14, 2023

Get Your IT Priorities Straight This Summer

With summer upon us, it’s a great time to reassess your IT progress this year, check budgets, and make plans for the second half of the year. What should you prioritize? These articles, selected by PlanetMagpie Founder & CEO Robert Douglas, will help you zero in.

Robert's Top 5 Not-to-Miss Articles




If you oversee your company’s IT, you have a lot riding on you. Your day-to-day IT decisions have a big impact on your company and your team’s productivity.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of IT information out there. That is, unless you have an IT expert who can curate the content for you … distilling it down to the points you need to have covered for maximum IT safety and performance.

This issue should help! We asked Robert Douglas, PlanetMagpie’s Founder & CEO, which 5 WOOF! articles he wishes all of his customers would read this summer. 

He picked the following articles. Each is a foundational piece that focuses on security and/or business continuity. Once you have those covered, it’s all productivity from there.

5 Articles that Lay the Groundwork for IT Safety, Business Continuity, and Productivity



The 7 Attack Entry Points Cybercriminals Look For (and the Best Ways to Defend Them)

How secure is your network? Check it against these 7 attack entry points. If you have all 7 protected you’re in good shape. If not...



The Backup Test – A 5-Minute Test of Your Company's Backup Integrity

If you have cloud backups of all critical data, you are prepared for the worst. Take this test and find out where you might be lacking.


How to Verify That Your Backups Actually Work

If you don’t perform regular recovery tests of your cloud backups, you may be sleeping like a baby at night when you should be sitting bolt upright in your bed texting your IT team.



The 10 Best Ways to Protect Your Microsoft 365 Accounts

Does your team use Microsoft 365? Now’s the time to check your security settings and make sure you’re protected against fraudulent login attacks. M365 gets hit with these all the time ... and they have a bad habit of succeeding.


Do You Need to Backup Files on Office 365?

Everyone knows Robert is paranoid about backups (and you should be too!). When we talk about adding backups to Microsoft 365 accounts, some people get confused. Aren’t they backed up already by Microsoft? Not exactly.


Robert's Advice on Summer IT Assessments


If you only read a few articles this whole summer ... make it these. Follow their sage advice and you’ll keep your IT infrastructure safe and performing well.

Need us to help you figure out if your IT priorities meet best practice standards?  Give the PlanetMagpie Team a call. We’re happy to conduct a network security and/or business continuity review.


The PlanetMagpie Team is here to make sure that all of your IT infrastructure stays safe and performing, year-round. Have yours checked by contacting us at info@planetmagpie.com.

Robert Douglas, IT Consulting Team Lead