PlanetMagpie News

January 23, 2024

Meet Freedom, PlanetMagpie's Newest "Top Dog"

A new generation of mascot has arrived! Meet the newest Office Lab, Freedom.

Dogs have always been a big deal at PlanetMagpie.  They bring fun and entertainment to the office and contribute to the good vibes (until UPS arrives).

In the beginning we had Magpie, the one you see on our website.  She was a loyal, loving defender of the pack with a crazy tail.  Then little Pie succeeded her.  She could beat anyone in a stare down competition and never lost her puppy energy.  Now, the THIRD generation has arrived.  Being in business 25 years, it was bound to happen.

This is Freedom.


Freedom, PlanetMagpie's New Mascot as of 2023


Like Magpie and Pie before her, she's an English Black Lab.  Robert personally picked her up from Wildrose Kennels in Texas right before Christmas.

She's a bundle of energy and loves everyone she meets—even the three Mini-Schnauzers in her new pack.

Why do we have a Lab as our company mascot?

  1. Labs are loyal.
  2. Labs are great with people.
  3. Labs will defend you.

All values we wanted to imbue in PlanetMagpie, and keep alive in our practices to this day.

Keep watch for Freedom on our Teams calls. She's bound to pop up and say hi!