PlanetMagpie News

February 21, 2023

Introducing Eric Reth, Senior IT Support Technician

PlanetMagpie is proud to welcome Eric as a new Senior IT Support Technician!

Describing anyone in one word is difficult, but if you tried with Eric, you’d arrive at “Detailed.”

Eric has built himself an incredible talent for analytical thinking—investigating all aspects of a technical problem, no matter how small, until he finds the solution.

“It’s easy to overlook the small things, but those small issues, when neglected, WILL eventually turn into something big and often catastrophic.”

His detailed approach to support has brought him through hundreds of cases, from individual PCs to server-farm environments, over a 10-year career.

Along the way he developed a second skill—documenting the technical problems he encountered, and their solutions. (Our Technical Writer is thrilled!) For fast-acting consultancies like PlanetMagpie, having support documentation available improves the experience for everyone. Customers included.

Prior to joining PlanetMagpie, Eric worked at Robert Half, honing his analytical support skills at a Tier 2 desk. He supported hardware issues, O365 problems, and QA testing for a 14,000+ employee environment.

As a Senior IT Support Technician, Eric will support a group of customers with all IT problems, maintenance, and upgrades. He will also work with Systems Engineers on large-scale hardware & server deployments…accounting for every project’s details.

When not on the job, Eric enjoys time in the outdoors. Hiking, cycling, camping—whatever gets him into Nature for a while.

Welcome to the PlanetMagpie Pack, Eric!