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September 10, 2018

PlanetMagpie Expands Cloud Backups to Include Microsoft 365 Exchange

PlanetMagpie has added Cloud Backups for Office 365 Exchange data to its Cloud Services.

Have you moved from a hosted Exchange Server to Microsoft 365?  You may have a backups-related issue you didn’t know about.

M365 accounts come with many services & safeguards.  However, there's still a risk to your data. M365 purges deleted files (deactivated accounts, accidental deletions) in 30 days. When they're gone, they're gone forever.

If you need to maintain SOX compliance, or are growing quickly and haven’t set procedures in place for data retention amidst turnover, this M365 policy jeopardizes your data safety.

You'll need additional cloud backups.

M365 Exchange Does NOT Include Backup

Microsoft 365 accounts include "Geo Redundancy" that mirrors user accounts to different geographic locations for “accessibility.” That way if there's a crash at one location, you just keep working off the data copy at the other location.

Geo Redundancy doesn't work as a backup.  More details on the difference here: Do You Need to Backup Files on Office 365? – WOOF! Newsletter

This is why we're now offering an easy solution:  Add on a cloud backup!

New PlanetMagpie IT Service: Exchange Cloud Backups for Microsoft 365

PlanetMagpie now offers cloud backup service for M365 Exchange accounts.  For one low monthly cost, we backup & preserve Office 365 Exchange accounts.  New accounts you create are automatically included. 

"Customers who moved to Microsoft 365 kept saying they didn't need backups anymore, because M365 "took care of that." Unfortunately, that's not true. In order to prevent customers from losing all that important data, we expanded our cloud backup solutions to specifically cover data stored within M365."

—Robert Douglas, President

We've published a datasheet with service details. Download it here: Cloud Backup & Recovery Datasheet (PDF)

Did you switch to Microsoft 365 Exchange recently? Make sure your Exchange data is backed up!