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October 06, 2017

PlanetMagpie Offers Employee Cybersecurity Training to Bay Area Businesses

Train your employees to help you fend off cyberattacks. Sign up for "Cybersecurity Kung Fu," a new training program from PlanetMagpie!

Concerned about your business’ cybersecurity? You should be. The threat of cyberattack continues to grow. Fortunately, Bay Area businesses now have a way to fight back.

In response to customer requests, PlanetMagpie is introducing a new employee cybersecurity training program:

"Cybersecurity Kung Fu for Today's Computer User!"

This fun and informative seminar is held on-site, for all employees. The seminar only takes 60 minutes. During that time, a PlanetMagpie ‘IT Master’ will train your employees in eight 'master-level' techniques for protecting your company from cyberattack.

What Cybersecurity Kung Fu Training Covers

The training will cover:

  • What cybersecurity is, and how employee actions can influence it
  • How malware worms its way into networks, and how to keep it out
  • How to protect your company’s IP and customer data from hackers
  • How to spot email borne-viruses and ransomware
  • How to safely navigate the Web and resist “clickbait” links
  • How to avoid laptop theft while traveling
  • How to dispose of IT hardware without inadvertently giving your IP away

As a bonus, the training will also include an expert explanation of each company's Acceptable Use Policy. Proper use of hardware, software, Internet access, and personal devices/BYOD help everyone defend against cybercriminals' hacking attempts.

Why Take Cybersecurity Training?

A network’s security is only as strong as its weakest link. When it comes to your business, the weakest link is actually the employee. An untrained employee, that is.

Cybersecurity Training closes that security hole, and protects all of your business operations.

Visit our Cybersecurity Kung Fu Page to Sign Up

Interested? Visit our landing page for all the details:

PlanetMagpie’s “Cybersecurity Kung Fu for Today’s Computer User” Training

P.S. – Standard hourly rates apply. This training guaranteed to warm the hearts of SOX auditors and company stakeholders.