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February 20, 2015

PM President Robert Douglas on "IT Security for Small Business" Panel March 5

PlanetMagpie President Robert Douglas will take part in a panel discussion titled "IT Security for Small Business", hosted by the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, on March 5 in Fremont. Security-conscious Silicon Valley small business owners should attend.
The topic of IT security is fraught with questions. What keeps hackers out? How did the big data breaches happen? What are they after? Is my business at risk?

The answers often depend on the business. The size of your business, which industry you’re in, what markets you serve, etc. Plus, security protections in use now may fail as malware evolves & hackers change tactics.

To help small businesses dealing with security questions, the Fremont Chamber of Commerce is holding a panel discussion on the topic on March 5.

Titled, "IT Security for Small Business", the panel aims to illustrate the security risks facing small businesses, and how to address them. To this end, the Chamber gathered 3 local experts in the fields of IT security and law enforcement to sit on the panel.

One of the experts is PlanetMagpie President Robert Douglas.

Asked about the panel, Robert said: "We get questions from small business customers every day. They're concerned about keeping their data safe, and they should be. I’m glad we’re having a discussion like this right here in Fremont—it's a good way for businesses to learn what they do need to worry about, and what they don’t."

The panelists will be given questions by Chamber of Commerce staff. Topics addressed will include:
  • The areas where businesses are most vulnerable to theft of their data
  • How law enforcement responds to IT security violations
  • How business practices and company policies can make IT security breaches more likely, or protect against them
A 30-minute Q&A will follow. Attendees may ask questions of the panelists directly.

All small business owners in Silicon Valley, where security violations attract worldwide media attention, should attend.

Event Page:

Attendance was open to the public (attendance fee required). The panel began at 8:00 a.m. on March 5 at Unitek College, 4670 Auto Mall Parkway, Fremont CA.