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June 19, 2015

Small Businesses in Silicon Valley Need Protection from Hackers Too

Small businesses get hacked too. PlanetMagpie published an article in the Fremont Business Review to make local businesses aware of the risks, and give some ideas on how to improve small-business cybersecurity.

PlanetMagpie Shares Small-Business Cybersecurity Protections in Fremont Business Review

Big-name technology companies in Silicon Valley deal with hacking attempts all the time. Most of them have strong cybersecurity, and easily repulse all attempts to steal their data.

But the small business next door? They’re at risk too. Even more so if they aren’t properly protected.
In the Q2 2015 issue of the Fremont Business Review, a quarterly published by the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, PlanetMagpie has offered guidelines on how small businesses can protect their IT from hackers.

The front-page article contains advice on:
  • Security software any business can run
  • Policies to follow for keeping data safe (even while you’re working on it)
  • Ways to block spam, viruses and other tools hackers use to break into your computers
All of which apply to every business, small or large, Silicon Valley or elsewhere.

"Death and Taxes" Issue

Like PlanetMagpie, the Fremont Chamber of Commerce wants to see small businesses do business safely. Each quarterly Business Review issue targets a specific topic – in this case, "death and taxes." The critical aspects all businesses must cover: taxes, recordkeeping, what to do in case of business owner/manager death...and IT security.

The issue also contains articles on data breaches, the “new rules” of the Digital Age, and the InfraGard online threat assessment partnership. All written by Silicon Valley professionals.

Visit the Fremont Business Review page here.

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