Tech Tips

March 14, 2024

When Was Your Last Cybersecurity Training?

When did your team last refresh their cybersecurity awareness? Cyberattacks keep looking for new ways to sneak past you...

If it was more than a year ago, you’re at risk. Cyberattack methods change all the time (literally). The people most at risk aren't in big corporations...they’re in smaller businesses, just doing their daily work.

This is your reminder – it's time for some Cybersecurity training!

PlanetMagpie’s Cyber Defense Training just got a 2024 upgrade. We added in all the latest cyber threats and tactics lurking out on the Web...and how to keep them out of your network.

If you only do TWO things this year to prepare for cyberattacks, here’s what they should be:

  1. Run daily cloud backups of every critical work device, cloud server, and cloud service. Preserve everyone’s data in case a cyberattack hits.
  2. Train your team to be aware of cyberattack triggers. Make a successful cyberattack as unlikely as possible!


To sign up for Cyber Defense Training, visit our Cybersecurity Training page, or email us at