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August 10, 2023

Does Your Computer Have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM)? If Not, Replace it ASAP!

A TPM chip makes encryption easier - protecting your data. Without one, it's easy for someone to steal your computer and access the data.

The Trusted Platform Module is a security chip installed in newer Windows computers. Among other things, it protects encryption keys—which helps critical services like BitLocker. If your computer doesn’t have a TPM chip, BitLocker won’t work. Without BitLocker, if you ever lose the computer (or it’s stolen), whoever gets it will have easy access to your data.

Here’s how to check your computer for a TPM:

  1. Open Start.
  2. Search for “Device Manager” and click the app to open the Windows Device Manager.
  3. Click the “Security Devices” branch to expand it.
  4. Do you see an entry named, “Trusted Platform Module 2.0”? Great, then you have a TPM chip.

If your computer doesn’t have a TPM chip, it’s older, and it’s now a security risk to your data and your company network.

Upgrade that old Windows computer to get BitLocker security, better performance, and lower support costs. Win-win-win!

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