Tech Tips

September 15, 2022

Cost Saving Tip—Hire Quality Developers

Looking to save on IT-related expenses? Here’s a tip for businesses developing software, websites, or apps.

When Hiring Developers (of All Kinds), Aim for Quality over Cost


Never is the old adage, “you get what you pay for,” truer than when hiring developers to build your company’s new app or website!

Developing new products and websites is hard enough. Even the best process faces delays and technical snags along the way to “Finished.”

You can always find developers offshore. However, being offshore adds several layers to the project’s complexity. On top of the commonplace issues.

Meaning your project could face even more painful delays/issues, such as:

  • Team scheduling problems from time zone differences
  • Errors due to language barriers
  • Revolving-door workers and missed deadlines
  • Hidden costs popping up
  • Poorly-built product that becomes a nightmare to maintain/expand afterward
  • Risk of IP theft

Not every offshore project will experience all of these issues, but all will experience some.

Finally, consider the revenue lost from your new website/app going to market late. If you planned to go live in April, but the developers can’t deliver until October, that’s six months of lost revenue growth you’ll never get back. Six months more of internal team expense.

Your "cost savings" evaporates before your eyes.

There's an easier development method. If you want a solid product, pay market price to an American company with a solid track record. Vet them by reviewing their past projects & talking to their customers.

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