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July 15, 2022

Cost Saving Tip—Cloud Backups

Looking to save on IT-related expenses? Here's tip #1 of 5 we have. These work for all businesses.

Back Up Critical Servers & Workstations to the Cloud

Cloud backups are a long-term savings strategy. When you run a Cloud Backup of an important server’s data, you’ve created an insurance policy against an upcoming cyberattack.

A cloud backup is a predictable monthly expense. Just like your business insurance payments. In the same vein, they safeguard you from a much higher expense.

When cyberattacks hit, they can destroy data, freeze networks, and even shut you down permanently. Recovering from one involves weeks of downtime for the entire company:

  • Rebuilding computers
  • Rebuilding servers
  • Spending dozens of hours trying to restore data (which may not succeed!)
  • Retesting network connections
  • Updating or putting in a VPN

Unless you have cloud backups, carefully managed, regularly tested, and ready to go. Then you just restore your data from backup, and everyone gets back to work. You've shortened the recovery time from weeks to hours.

This makes a cloud-based backup service one of the best IT insurance policies you can find!

When setting up Cloud Backups, include all mission-critical servers and key company workstations. That includes executive laptops. With laptop theft at an all-time high, you’ll want to make sure you have their data “insured” as well.


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