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March 06, 2019

How a Content Filter Keeps 'Bad' Websites Out

Some websites contain malware, ready to infect your network. Other websites allow employees to fritter away hours of productive time. You can block them all with a Content Filter.

A content filter is a piece of software that blocks certain types of content from entering your network. Many organizations use them to prevent users from visiting 'bad' websites. Schools, nonprofits, small businesses, all the way up to global enterprises.

What does the filter block? Anything you tell it to: online games, porn, gambling websites, 'flagged' websites (potentially infected by viruses or malware), social media, etc.

These are all default options in most content filters. With one click, you stop employees from engaging in, shall we say, non-business-related online behavior.

In doing so you not only regain productive time, but you block malware before it can get in.

At PlanetMagpie we use Security Manager for filtering, both internally and for customers' networks. It works on all devices, all the time, for a very low fee (starts at $5/user per month) and includes anti-virus.

Content filters work with other security software, contributing to a strong network defense. With one-click control of users' online behavior, you not only maintain good Cyber Fu, but you regain otherwise-lost productivity.

Security Manager Content Filter Settings


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