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March 09, 2017

Manage All Your Email Signatures from One Place, with CodeTwo

Consistent email signatures make your organization look professional. CodeTwo keeps you and your team looking professional at all times.

Does your email signature look like your manager’s?  What about the CEO’s? 

Email signatures aren’t something we think about much—we just create one, check for typos, and forget about it.

Thing is, your email signature is more than just a place where you put your name & title.  It also reflects your business’ brand in every email you send out.  As such, it’s important to keep signatures consistent for all employees.  Especially in our BYOD, carrying-three-devices-every-day age.

Emails are Branding Too.  Keep Them Consistent.

One good way to do that is by managing all email signatures from one place.  That way you can:

  • Make sure all employees use consistent branding in their emails.
  • Force the same fonts & logos to all devices.
  • Present all email recipients with working URLs & standardized phone numbers.

We’ve had good luck with the CodeTwo email signature management tool solution and have implemented it for Private Cloud Exchange customers as well as Office365 customers. 

How CodeTwo Works

CodeTwo is an online tool that creates and populates email signatures for Exchange email accounts.  With it, you can:

  1. Create email signatures in CodeTwo’s editor (templates are available)
  2. Automatically insert signatures in every employee’s Office 365 mailbox
  3. Insert photos, logos, styles, and even links
  4. Automatically populate the signatures using contact information from Active Directory accounts

CodeTwo works in the cloud, which means no software to install. It also runs on a subscription model, just like Office 365.

Enforce Consistent Email Branding with CodeTwo

Remember the question about whether your email signature looked like your manager’s?  Using a management tool like CodeTwo eliminates any doubts.  Every employee, every email—they will all have the same branding.  The same professional look.  Your marketing department will thank you!


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