Tech Tips

May 29, 2013

Does Your Network Have Intrusion Detection?

If cyber-thieves are breaking into your network, how would you know? That's what Intrusion Detection Systems are for. These devices monitor network activity for anything out of the ordinary, and alert you if they sense something wrong. This Tech Tip covers our Intrusion Detection recommended product, and how it does the job.
Being alerted to a network breach is a critical part of network security. For this, you need intrusion detection.

Intrusion detection is a device or application (we prefer devices) that monitors your network. If there's unusual activity or a network policy is broken, the intrusion detection system records a log and sounds the alarm. Some systems can even try and block the cyber-thief from further access.

PlanetMagpie uses and recommends the Juniper SRX series of network gateways for intrusion detection. Why?
  • Juniper gateways are scalable, able to monitor everything without slowing down network speeds.
  • The Juniper interface is easy to configure and maintain over time.
  • The Juniper SRX series makes it easy to segment your network into groups - a big help when implementing intrusion detection.
  • Juniper routing is robust, able to maintain high network performance and tight security.
  • A Juniper SRX 5000 series gateway integrates intrusion detection within its architecture.
  • Juniper gateways are more affordable than Cisco.
If you don't have intrusion detection in place yet, now's the time to consider it. Cyber-attacks are only increasing. If you don't have an intrusion detection system in your network, cyber-thieves could be in there right now, and you wouldn't even know it.